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Monday, March 28, 2016

C&R Show 03/28/2016

Easter weekend recap; Covino woke up last night with heart pain which got his mind working; Facing your own mortality; C&R family hang on Saturday; Popularity of Steph Curry; Knowing when your best years are; Rich is a poor gauge of age; Bringing home a date for the first time; Who wins in life - person who accomplished a lot but dies young or a person who lives a long quiet life; Our parent's generation will never know what happened to their friends who they lost touch with; Brother stories; What Rich has in common with Jon Lovitz besides everything; March Madness - people are questioning Rich's excitement over Syracuse since he rarely talks about college basketball; Covino has to do a reading at his sister's wedding and is dreading it; Habits you picked up from other people. Read More

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