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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

C&R Show 03/22/2016: Josh McDermitt

Josh McDermitt returns to the Covino & Rich Show Rich is in a great mood today after finally learning to deal with west coast life; Covino loves to go with the flow of life; Loving the show 11.22.63 - James Franco as an actor and hot girl on the show; Time travel hypothetical - would you go back in time and date a girl from another era? Better time travel hypothetical - what invention would you steal from the past and make your own; Viral video of wild amusement park rides - Covino believed it even though it was fake; Twins time travel prank; Rich's fool proof method of cheating and not getting caught; Josh McDermitt aka Eugene of The Walking Dead in studio to break down his recent big scene on the show. Read More

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