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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

C&R Show 12/31/2014

Rich offends Covino's parents; Looking back at 2014; Rich's fun facts about the smells of different countries; Covino's major announcement - he sold his house, but now he has to move out in 6 days; Covino has to get rid of all of his stuff; Rich's herbal experience in Colorado over the holidays - he bugged out at family dinner; Looking forward to 2015. Read More

C&R Show 12/30/2014

Comedy specials of 2014; Recap our holiday weekends; Stresses of having boys vs girls; What Rich learned by watching the Titanic documentary; NFL updates; Geting back to your "original" weight; Getting caught in internet wormholes - Rich learned about the origins of General Tso's chicken. Read More

Monday, December 29, 2014

C&R Show 12/29/2014: C&R's 2014 Celebrity Showcase Showdown

Covino & Rich's 2014 Celebrity Showcase Showdown - featuring highlights from all the celebrities that passed through Covino & Rich studios in 2014; Hear clips, flashbacks and retrospectives on your favorite guests. Read More

Saturday, December 27, 2014

C&R Show 12/26/2014: 10th Anniversary Special Replay

Covino & Rich celebrate 10 years on the air as they, along with listeners and celebrity guests, reflect back on some of the best moments in C&R history. Hear moments from before their first show: Slap bets, Uncle Mack, Patty the Possum, the River of Death, girlfriend phone calls, Spot's Tuesday call, Damian the Hypnotist and more. Read more

Friday, December 26, 2014

C&R Show 12/25/2014: Best-Of

Covino & rich's Christmas Spectacular (Day 2) - moments from the Ghosts of Covino & Rich Christmas past; Hear C&R discuss getting tools for Christmas; The Christmas cycle; Holiday tipping guide; Lame gifts like his Champion sweatshirt; Santa is real; Pussification of Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

C&R Show 12/24/2014: Best-Of

Covino & Rich's Christmas Spectacular - moments from the Ghosts of Covino & Rich Christmas past; Hear C&R discuss their favorite Christmas movies; Real vs Artificial trees; Cracking the Christmas song code; Pussification of Victoria's Secret; Best Christmas Toys and thos annoying jewelry commercials.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

C&R Show 12/23/2014: Barnando

C&R's holiday schedule; Rex Grossman turns down a week contract; Covino finds money outside of his house - is it a sign? Who and how much do you tip around the holidays; Tipping bartenders and baristas; Barnando stops by and makes a huge announcement; Being known as the fat guy; How to claim a holiday to entertain. Read More

Monday, December 22, 2014

Rich's "Ugly Christmas Sweater"

C&R Show 12/22/2014

Weekend recap; The Homeland finale; Rich doesn't understand Egg Nog and who drinks it; New Christmas songs becoming popular; Our adventure to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Covino's daughter; Recap the 10th Anniversary special - argue the bits that made the special; C&R think the new Annie is garbage; Joe Cocker passes away; 2 police officers killed over the weekend; DJ in Chile gets a rimjob on air; Butt play; Spot's hotel reimbursement saga. Read More

Friday, December 19, 2014

C&R Show 12/19/2014: 10th Anniversary Special

Covino & Rich celebrate 10 years on the air as they, along with listeners and celebrity guests, reflect back on some of the best moments in C&R history. Hear moments from before their first show: Slap bets, Uncle Mack, Patty the Possum, the River of Death, girlfriend phone calls, Spot's Tuesday call, Damian the Hypnotist and more. Read More

C&R Show 12/18/2014

Covino & Rich's 10th Anniversary week; The film 'The Interview' gets pulled by Sony after terrorist threats; Recap some moments from C&R past - Covino's broken schween; Golden Deuce; Barefoot Jones; Spot in a cult; Rich swears off women; SiriusXM christmas party recap; Covino's daughter Melody is in studio. Read More

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

C&R Show 12/17/2014

Covino & Rich 10th anniversary week continues; Top trends of 2014; The movie 'The Interview' has received terrorist threats so we probably won't go see it; Horrible bits from C&R past; Christian group says you should spank your wife to discipline her; Old school mentalities in relationships; Real estate issues; Intern Sam's gifts for C&R and Spot. Read More

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

C&R Show 12/16/2014

Covino & Rich's 10th anniversary week continues; Recap the SNY Christmas party; Rich was a major cockblock at the party but can't admit it; Continue the story of Good Egg Dave being offensive at Spot's party; Early bits from C&R to celebrate the 10th anniversary week; Debut of the new Ticklesack song "Me Like you Lick My Cocka." Read More

Monday, December 15, 2014

C&R Show 12/15/2014: 10th Anniversary Week

Covino & Rich's 10th Anniversary celebration of their first show on the air; Callers share their favorite moments from C&R history; Recap random moments from the first year or two of the show; C&R weekend recap; Rich's raging Friday night; Spot's Christmas party recap; Someone who overstepped their bounds at the Christmas party. Read More

Saturday, December 13, 2014

C&R Show 12/12/2014

Weird sexual habits; Scott Stapp of Creed is losing his mind; List of asshole names of 2014; Producer Laura of Maxim Radio send off; C&R reminisce about the history of the show as we approach our 10th anniversary. Read More

Friday, December 12, 2014

C&R Show 12/11/2014: Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn stops by and talks Aaron Rodgers and takes part in C&R's Christmas Karaoke; MLB winter meeting updates; Covino references and old viral clip but recovers; Biggest viral clips of 2014; Tips for Christmas parties; Christmas traditions that are disappearing and trying to start new ones in your family; Take-out food mishaps; Reason why you should masturbate before the company Christmas party; Office party etiquette; Sony Studios hack story. Read More

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

C&R Show 12/10/2014: Cameron Diaz; Larry the Cable Guy

Cameron Diaz talks about prepping for roles and some of the ones she'd like to revisit; Spot fiddles with his camera to draw attention to himself; Larry the Cable Guy talks about the evolution of his career; Hot topics of the day - Lebron and Kate Middleton; Rich sweats Sebastian Maniscalco; Rich's observation about the Victoria's Secret Fashion show...he LOVES the outfit; C&R fight about the reason you watch the show. Read More

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

C&R Show 12/09/2014: Rosie Perez

Preparing for the Covino & Rich 10th anniversary special; Covino's struggle continues; C&R argue about Covino's length of commute; Leo DiCaprio seen leaving a club with 20 women - how does this play out? Rosie Perez talks her new gig and boxing; Rich's deep thought - complaining at work - does it ever end? New young lingo; Getting duped by the internet; When your single friends turn a dinner into a strip club night out. Read More

Monday, December 8, 2014

C&R Show 12/08/2014: Best-Of

Best of Covino & Rich: Covino chooses photos that make him look better than his daughter; Nicole and the small penis; Covino pees in the backyard; Old lady catches Covino peeing the backyard; Weirdest places you've jerked off; New wallets. Read More

Saturday, December 6, 2014

C&R Show 12/05/2014: Leighton Meester; Shannon Gunz

Tan mom leaves a stench in the studio; Leighton Meester stops by the show; Stanley tee bustin' a move; C&R working on 10 year anniversary behind the scenes; Norm Macdonald is weird; Shannon Gunz stops sits in; Peter Pan on TV last night; Dressing up for work; Nipple pasties & body painting; Do dogs realize they're just dogs? Dyed armpit hair is all the rage; Travel talk; NFL talk; Charles Barkley on current events. Read More

Friday, December 5, 2014

A selfie from below

Here's what the Covino & Rich "chosen one" would see... the horrible angle your woman sees. #TheShow

A photo posted by The Covino & Rich Show (@covinoandrich) on

C&R Show 12/04/2014: JB Smoove

Reminisce about Manwich and our other favorite childhood go-tos; Analyze the verdict in the NY police choking case; Rich's karaoke deep thought - seeing the random artist perform their song in karaoke; Covino's E-pee-phany - taking a selfie from below is what your woman sees; NFL talk; Jose Mangin and celebrity photo etiquette; Comedian JB Smoove makes a quick cameo and talks about a comfortable level of fame. Read More

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

C&R Show 12/03/2014: Paul Rosolie

Covino & Rich both are having mental breakdowns; Covino might be selling his house within the next couple of weeks and needs to unload his stuff but is afraid to get rid of anything; Covino may be a hoarder; Covino sweats Dave Grohl and Rich sweats Taylor Swift; Rich's mental breakdown over aging; Paul Rosolie of Discovery's Eaten Alive shares how he gets eaten alive by a snake. Read More

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

C&R Show 12/02/2014: Dean Cain

Mindset that every guy should have - stay in shape, make money, do good things; Chasing your dream; Rich's penis tale; Chris Rock's comments on race; Jimmy Fallon continues to kill it; Covino hates the attention that Sam Smith gets because he's gay; People giving attention to things unnecessarily because of guilt; Dean Cain shares his thoughts on the hustle; Relationships and the NFL; Sara and the creepy delivery guy. Read More

Monday, December 1, 2014

C&R Show 12/01/2014

Thanksgiving weekend recap; Recap of our WhyHunger broadcast on Thursday; Gluttonous weekend; Today is Cyber Monday - shopping for Christmas can get out of hand; Having no idea what to get people; NFL this weekend; Spot won the football pool at work...again; Friend in need - going on a double date with a girl you used to date; TV deaths that left an impact. Read More