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Friday, January 31, 2014

C&R Show 01/31/2014

Recap the party and interviews from last night's EA Madden Bowl XX in NYC; Covino's theory on the importance of matching socks; Rich's random celebrity encounter; Super Bowl preview. Read More

Thursday, January 30, 2014

C&R Show 01/30/2014: Guy Fieri, Comedian Godfrey

Guy Fieri checks in about Super Bowl events; Comedian Godfrey stops by and gives his take on the current state of music; Stanley T's mistake; Article about the entitled generation; Common mistakes and mispronunciations people make. Read More

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

C&R Show 01/29/2014: Sarah Hyland

Figuring out a slogan for the Covino & Rich Show; Describing yourself to others; Modern family's Sarah Hyland talks how she keeps a level head in young Hollywood; Recap some of the recent TV finales; Would you with 60 year old Christie Brinkley? Farting stories - opera singer can't sing without farting; Cow farts explode a barn; Our new intern gets blamed for a fart; Remembering where you were while watching every Super Bowl. Read More

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

C&R Show 01/28/2014: Jeff Garlin

Covino still has soot in his house; Power of positive energy - the ice and rice experiments; Jeff Garland in studio; Bad rap lyrics; The importance of the "how do you do" - checking yourself before a big meeting; POA Tuesday - the future of men's fashion; Banned SodaStream ad; No hype leading up to the Super Bowl. Read More

Monday, January 27, 2014

C&R Show 01/27/2014

2014 Grammys recap from last night - best performances, hot women and worst moments of the night; Rich saw Wolf of Wall Street over the weekend - would you want to live that lifestyle if it meant going to jail; Rich's surprise party experience; Going to a strip club with your woman - can you act the same as you do with your buddies? Covino may be a racist? Read More

Friday, January 24, 2014

C&R Show 01/24/2014

Hot dreams vs reality & Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel; Random ways to mess with people; Justin Bieber supporters - every generation has their own band or pop idols; What was the thing you were most fanatical about as a kid? Favorite versions of your sports teams; Athletes who do good deeds; Deleting texts & clearing your web search history; Monitoring your kids phone texts - Is it OK to snoop? Family taking suggestions for baby names; Are we close to weed smoking being a 'normal' thing - the Marlboro Marijuana cigarettes. Read More

Thursday, January 23, 2014

C&R Show 01/23/2014: Mike Babchik

Life lessons with C&R - show up on time; Stop taking the bus; Be careful how you appear to others; Speak to people with respect; Update on Mike Babchik and his attempt to bring his wife flowers; Power in relationships; Justin Bieber arrested for DUI; Richard Sherman's actions - taunting or good sportsmanship? Rich's deep thought - why do priests work out? Read More

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

C&R Show 01/22/2014

People using the big snowstorm as an excuse; Covino's 24-hour CVS was closed; The "Ja Rule"; C&R watch Kroll show together; Rich watched "Barrio Tales"; Covino watched the show Buried Treasure and had an observation about doofy guys dating foreign girls - turns into a heated debate; Covino & Rich read texts between Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez; Rich wants to get into Scotch. Read More

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

C&R Show 01/21/2014: Yvonne Strahovski

Actress Yvonne Strahovski stops by to talk her new movie and being a huge part of nerd culture; Covino's pizza experience; Is having a type based on who you marry? Songs that take off; Fat people who don't look right when they get skinny; Rich's beef with How I Met Your Mother; Richard Sherman - passionate or out of control? Read More

Monday, January 20, 2014

C&R Show 01/20/2014

Recap this weekend's NFL playoffs and preview the Super Bowl; The online dating scene; Covino's Don Jon movie review; New shows to check out; DBC V dates of June 25th - 28th announced; Rich's new fashion purchases; Recap of Rich's game night; Chain pizza vs local pizza; Name that Famous Black Guy to celebrate Martin Luther King day; Read More

Friday, January 17, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/17/2014: Dead or Alive Game

C&R play a game where they have to guess whether certain celebrities are dead or alive.

C&R on SNY 01/17/2014: Kellen Winslow

C&R discuss some of the different alibis Kellen Winslow could have used during his run in with the police.

C&R Show 01/17/2014: Mike Babchik

Babchik stops by to give us a family update; Motivation behind the new SiriusXM lobby? Super Bowl box pools; Automatically hating your replacement; Kanye doesn't change diapers; Kellan Winslow caught in public; Awkward interview with Kate Gosselin and her kids; Covino sweats the new show Monsters and Mysteries in America; Preview this weekend's NFL playoff matchups; Rich's game night - awesome or lame? Read More

Thursday, January 16, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/16/2014: Yankees hats

C&R discuss whether its cool for Yankees fans to wear multi-colored hats to coordinate with their clothing.

C&R on SNY 01/16/2014: Rex Ryan Survives

C&R discuss how so many NFL head coaches lost their jobs this season, but Rex Ryan was able to earn a contract extension.

C&R Show 01/16/2014: Shawn Ashmore

American Idol observation - is Harry Connick Jr well known? Rich's Indian chameleon observation; Did Covino make a racist comment? The new WWE network; The Following's Shawn Ashmore stops by to talk about the new season; Sharing your exact birthday with someone; Hypothetical about face and body. Read More

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/15/2014: Game time

C&R play TV Karaoke where they have to finish the lyrics from famous TV show themes.

C&R on SNY 01/15/2014: J.R. Smith

C&R discuss whether Mike Woodson owes Knicks fans an explanation on benching J.R. Smith against the Bobcats.

C&R Show 01/15/2014

Covino & Rich argue about the dates for this year's Dudebro convention, rehash yesterday's conversation of Rich going to dinner with his wife and his ex; Trends in pubic hair; Friends in need - telling your husband/wife about a cheating friend; New rage - Pentatonix; Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show at the Super Bowl - mass appeal? Read More

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/14/2014: Cub vs. Mr. Met

C&R discuss who would win in a fight between Clark the Cub and Mr. Met.

C&R on SNY 01/14/2014: Doppelgangers

C&R discuss some celebrity-and-athlete doppelgangers like Dan Marino and David Hasselhoff.

C&R Show 01/14/2014: John Basedow

Covino's rant about guests of Covino & Rich past; Following your passion and dream; Rich's smoothie experience; Respect levels and niceness at different jobs; Covino's artichoke SMIL; Rich has dinner with his wife and his ex - mature or stupid? Fitness Guru John Basedow. Read More

Monday, January 13, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/13/2014: Kaepernick

C&R debate whether or not Colin Kaepernick should have mocked Cam Newton's touchdown celebration after a touchdown.

C&R on SNY 01/13/2014: A-Rod

C&R discuss how Alex Rodriguez will be remembered years from now.

C&R Show 01/13/2014: Rachel Bilson

Recap of the NFL playoff weekend; Rachel Bilson by to talk her new show and offer insight on the awards shows; Recap of last night's Golden Globes; Rich's worst pizza thought ever; A-Rod suspension and 60 minutes special; Covino loves Papa John; What would you buy if you had a ton of money; Hot girls who know they're hot vs hot girls who pretend they're not hot. Read More

Friday, January 10, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/10/2014: Political denial

C&R take a trip down memory lane for their favorite political denials and mishaps.

C&R on SNY 01/10/2014: Tougher loss?

C&R discuss whether it is better for your team to lose in the Divisional Round of the playoffs or the Super Bowl.


C&R Show 01/10/2014: Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge stops by to talk her new gig and traveling; Covino wants to be in Blood in Blood Out 2; When someone says "YOUR wife" is it offensive? Preview of NFL playoffs this weekend; What to do when your woman calls you with an issue you can't fix; Best Adam Sandler movies; Friend in need - turning down an offer you've accepted; Dating and age differences; Accents based on your surroundings and who you hang with - the "sports" accent. Read More

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Old School Throwback!..Union, NJ 1993 State Champs- C/O 94 as seen on @SNYtv #POMPous #TBT

@SNYtv Eva M. Zymaris

C&R on SNY 01/09/2014: Team colors

C&R discuss how upsetting it is to a fan when they don't like their teams' colors.

C&R on SNY 01/09/2014: Knicks and Heat

C&R discuss whether the New York Knicks are playing the Miami Heat at the worst possible time.

C&R Show 01/09/2014: Jim Cramer

Mad Money's Jim Cramer stops by to give great investing advice; Rich thinks Spot eats horribly; Grossed out when someone says, "Smell my finger"; A woman hides a gun in her vagina; Family dynamic - do you envision how you would fit in a certain family if you were dating someone; Viral videos worth checking out. Read More

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/08/2014: Tom Glavine

C&R discuss what Mets fans' should be thinking after learning that Tom Glavine had been voted into the Hall of Fame.

C&R on SNY 01/08/2014: Hall of Fame

C&R discuss the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees and who was wrongly not voted in this year.

C&R Show 01/08/2014: Orlando Jones

Actor Orlando Jones talks about his new show and what it takes to stay active in entertainment; The Bikini Bridge is the new internet rage; Slut indicators or slindicators that tip you off about a girl; Rich loves scarves; Movies that turn 20 this year; High school reunions. Read More

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/07/2014: Lest We Forget A-Rod

C&R discuss Alex Rodriguez's potential suspension and whether or not he should be penalized.

C&R on SNY 01/07/2014: JR Smith

C&R take a look at JR Smith untying Shawn Marion's shoe from the free-throw line.

C&R Show 01/07/2014: Sealed With My Ass

Hypothetical - bathroom hierarchy; BCS Championship recap; Payments we hate making; The new Ticklesack song; New rage on Instagram; Covino's dad and the door to door salesman. Read More

Monday, January 6, 2014

C&R on SNY Chat with John Basedow

C&R chat with Culture Pop host John Basedow about his new endeavor.

C&R Show 01/06/2014

Covino's swoot weekend - tale of his house fire; NFL recap; List of things everyone does but we never admit; Melody's stinky; How to maintain sexual spontaneity in your relationship; Quick hypothetical. Read More

Friday, January 3, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/03/2014: Doppelgangers

C&R discuss a number of professional athlete look-alikes - including Alex Ovechkin and Bartolo Colon.

C&R on SNY 01/03/2014: Carmelo Anthony

C&R discuss whether Carmelo Anthony would be leaving too soon if he ditched the Knicks for another team.

C&R Show 01/03/2014

Last day of Bleacher Report Radio and we comment on the changes; Covino's bus journey and the puking Asian man; Type of people you see at weddings or parties; SMILs - stuffy moments in life; Spot and Rich fight; Dating older women. Read More

Thursday, January 2, 2014

C&R on SNY 01/02/2014: John Basedow

C&R talk with fitness guru John Basedow about his informercial career and different exercise and diet tips.

C&R on SNY 01/02/2014: Winter Classic

C&R talk about the popularity of the Winter Classic and why sports fans love snowy weather.

C&R Show 01/02/2014

Recap the past few days; New Year's Eve recap - Rich was in Times Square for the ball drop; Penis pride - the man with 2 penises; Covino thinks the show Scandal sucks despite Rich's recommendation; Covino's belly button theory; Old guy symptoms; Would the existence of aliens affect belief in God? Read More

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

C&R Show 01/01/2014 Best of Year 9

Join Covino & Rich as they take a look back at year 9 of the Covino & Rich Show. We'll recap some of the most memorable moments, the funny moments, the milestones, and just the all around stupidity you've come to expect from C&R. Reminisce on your favorite moments or catch up on some that you may have missed as we head into year 10 of the show. Read More