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Saturday, May 31, 2014

C&R Show 05/30/2014

Places not offering quality service anymore; Little things going a long way; NBA & NHL finals recaps; Rich & Spot's late night adventures at the strip club; Are strip clubs even worth it? Viral videos worth checking out; Spot's bar dilemma - buying a drink for his woman's coworker; Covino can't decide on Instagram filters; Friend in need - the dangers of hiring a hot nanny. Read More

Thursday, May 29, 2014

C&R Show 05/29/2014

Covino is sweating Last Comic Standing; Recap of the Edward Snowden interview - what we learned; How much weight can your penis hold? Why do bagels have holes? Viral Videos worth checking out; Childhood obesity; Stephen A Smith's reaction to Marc Cuban and the Donald Sterling case; NBA recap. Read More

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

C&R Show 05/28/2014

Time Warp Wednesday - wonder whatever happened to our old callers from the early days of the show; Maxim Hot 100 list breakdown; When people pretend to care about certain celebrities after they die; Rich continues to be the sexist villain; Rich's in-law observations; 50 Cent's horrible first pitch - real or publicity stunt? Santa Barbara killer and what may have caused it; Pussification of America - kids being told to avoid their "urge to win;" What is the cause of the POA that we may be missing? Read More

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

C&R Show 05/27/2014

Back live after a week off; Rich recaps his trip up the California coast; Do you have muscle memory from bike riding as a kid? Movie reviews from a few movies we saw over the weekend; Covino's solo mission - when your woman is away is it just an excuse to act like a slob? What else do you do when your woman is away? Debating with friends - is it ever worth it? Sleeping in separate beds from your woman. Read More

Monday, May 26, 2014

C&R Show 05/26/2014: Best-Of [Cookout Memorial Day Blowout]

Tom the Butcher gives advice on cooking different types of meat; Choosing between food and sex; Dr BBQ Ray Lampe with barbecue and grilling advice; Necessary side dishes and the importance of baked beans; White trash food; BBQ Music Mix tape. Read More

Friday, May 23, 2014

C&R Show 05/23/2014: Best-Of [Awesomely Random C&R Moments]

Return of Evil Penis; Replacing a Dog; C&R make their own TV Themes; Geocaching rage; Rich's Car Dealership saga; Hog Songs. Read More

Thursday, May 22, 2014

C&R Show 05/22/2014: Best-Of [Awesomely Random C&R Moments]

Worst business names (Something's Fishy); Sex injuries (2007); Rich witnesses a coffee fight; Jerking it in bed next to your woman; Covino's 90's room; Spot is the big dog; Read More

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

C&R Show 05/21/2014: Best-Of [Awesomely Random C&R Moments]

Patty the Possum; Cardboard Covino; She's Got a Gunt; Rich Gets Caught; The Red Bull Bandit; Covino's Doody Time Tale. Read More

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

C&R Show 05/20/2014: Willie Randolph

Covino's theory on certain styles that will eventually come back; The EDM scene; Rich asking his friends to dog sit - Covino thinks it's a huge inconvenience to ask his friends; 9/11 Museum causing controversy; Is there any excitement when a famous actress is topless in a movie? Hottest chicks who did go topless; Baseball legend Willie Randolph talks his career and what we can expect out of his new book. Read More

Monday, May 19, 2014

C&R Show 05/19/2014: Terry Crews

Terry Crews stops by and talks acting with Adam Sandler and how his career is blowing up; Recap Billboard music awards - Michael Jackson hologram; Kendall Jenner flubs her intro; Robin Thicke pleads for Paula Patton; Tactics to get a girl back and when it's worth it; Smooth baseball kid; First time you tried to impress a girl. Read More

Friday, May 16, 2014

C&R Show 05/16/2014

Getting pumped up for DBC V next month; Dr Lauren Streicher breaks down how to improve our sex lives with "Love Sex Now"; New Michael Jackson channel makes us reminisce about some of his lame songs; Covino's set of jokes on Rich's poofy side hair; Rich discovers a new place to pick up hot women; Update from friend of the show Barnando; Covino & Rich have a karaoke debate - Covino loves doing karaoke alone at home but not in public. Read More

C&R Show 05/15/2014: Babs vs Scags

Subway series recap; Avoiding bad food at sporting events; Adapting phrases to who you're dating; Phrases you picked up from your parents; Viral Videos: girl sings song about abuse & super cat saves a boy from a dog; Rich's awards; Rich loves Dave Coulier and thinks he's hilarious - Lamest cool guys ever; Little hype behind the new Godzilla movie; Babchik and Scags in studio - begin the clone-a-willy challenge with brain teaser trivia. Read More

Thursday, May 15, 2014

C&R Show 05/14/2014

Hip Hop Hump day; Reminisce about the early days of C&R and our documentaries; Covino's #DadLife issues - setting a bedtime routine for his daughter; TV show updates; NBA Finals; Update on Rich's haircut saga from yesterday; Celebrities required to have their ID - this upsets Rich; Fitness guru John Basedow gives workout and diet tips. Read More

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

C&R Show 05/13/2014

Rich is thinking of getting a new haircut, but is he stealing Spot's style? Were the 2000's a forgotten musical decade? Brand loyalty - Rich and Spot may switch to Samsung phones, but the iPhone has never done them wrong; What led to the fight between Jay Z & Solange - we get to the bottom of it; Donald Sterling on Anderson Cooper and the comments he made - how much is he really at fault? Read More

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

C&R Show 05/12/2014

People not getting the recognition they deserve; Tale of Covino's haunted house; Pros & cons of owning your house vs renting; TV shows that were cancelled - like grand opening/grand closing of mom & pop stores; NFL draft recap; Media hype surrounding Michael Sam; Conchita Wurst - the crossdressing singer; Rich's awkward gay date; Covino's parking encounter. Read More

Saturday, May 10, 2014

C&R Show 05/09/2014: Best-Of

Evergreen best of: Covino's snoring problem; Spot is jolly; Covino won't travel for booty; Nicole is in denial that guys treat her different because she's hot; Covino shoots a gun, and vampire sex. Read More

Friday, May 9, 2014

C&R Show 05/08/2014: Zoe Saldana

Guests incude Zoe Saldana; Steve Covino and Rich Davis talk with Babchik about grime water parks; Rich invites his Hits! intern to debate on Jay-Z & Beyonce concert tour, and the importance of classic hits being a part of the show list; Watching the NFL draft past the 1st & 2nd round is a bit lame. Read More

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

C&R Show 05/07/2014: Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri breaks down his new book and talks about the emergence of the culinary revolution; Recap our major sales meeting from today; Monica Lewinsky back in the news for releasing a tell-all book; Quiz our intern on the scandal; Being spontaneous with a new girl; Covino doesn't believe in skinny dipping. Read More

C&R Show 05/06/2014: Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen stops by to talk his new movie Neighbors, Zac Efron, sex scenes, and James Franco's junk; Recapping the Guac Off drama from yesterday's Guac Off; Pussification of America stories - Cinco de Mayo fundraiser cancelled; Avril Lavigne Meet & Greets; Tom Brady's horrible new look; Viral videos - guy kicks a cat, woman puts breastmilk in the milk at work, 2 girls 1 shovel; Girl fights are lame. Read More

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Opie & Anthony on C&R Guac Off

Opie & Anthony discuss Roland's appearance on the Covino & Rich Show Guac Off. Read More

C&R Show 05/05/2014: 9th Annual Covino & Rich Guac Off

The 9th Annual Covino & Rich Guac Off. Guests include Tracy Morgan, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Jerrod Carmichael from the new movie Neighbors; Producer Spot defends his title as Guac Off Champion against Jose Mangin, Doug from Cooking with Skinny and Mini, Tracy Morgan & Rich, and Roland from Opie & Anthony; Things get controversial Read More

Friday, May 2, 2014

C&R Show 05/02/2014

Donald Sterling update that some people are happy about; 7 foot monster in Connecticut ends up being a large fish; Whale explosions; Friend in need - a guy is dating a girl but may be interested in his best female friend - what does he do? Covino says it's stupid having girls as friends; Caller goes over lame Rich moments from the past 2 weeks; Boxing trainer Eric Kelly talks boxing and what to expect from this weekend's big fight. Read More

Thursday, May 1, 2014

C&R Show 05/01/2014: Mookie Wilson; Babs vs Scags

Jameis Winston and the crab leg caper; Covino talks the upcoming Mayweather fight this weekend; Suit trends; Friend in need - wife's sister-in-law doesn't want her child anymore and her brother is in jail - what should this guy do? Mike Babchik and Tony Scags make a gentleman's bet involving each other's women; 101 Things we cared about 10 years ago but don't today; Mets legend Mookie Wilson stops by to talk his famous '86 play and how baseball has evolved. Read More