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Thursday, December 31, 2015

C&R Show 12/31/2015: Covino & Rich's 2015 Celebrity Sit Down Get Down

A look back at the year in celebrity guests that have stopped by the Covino & Rich studios in both NY and LA; Covino & Rich share their favorite moments from the year in guests. Read More

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

C&R Show 12/30/2015: 10th Anniversary Special

Covino & Rich's 10th Anniversary Special - celebrating the best and worst moments in the first 10 years of the Covino & Rick show, featuring celebrity guest hosts, your favorite moments, great Ticklesack jams and more. Read More

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

C&R Show 12/29/2015

Covino & Rich talk about the death of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, Growing old, Using your phone before bed, Customer service tactics and Covino's Frozen Ice Castle victory. Read More

Monday, December 28, 2015

C&R Show 12/28/2015

C&R discuss Christmas 2015; Covino wanting credit for sending Christmas cards; Rich's movie reviews; NFL update; Covino's daughter having a difficult trip in the car; Rich getting high in Colorado. Read More

Friday, December 25, 2015

C&R Show 12/25/2015: Best-Of

C&R's Ghosts of Christmas Past - Best Christmas movies; Real vs Fake trees debate; Cracking the Christmas Code of music; Pussification of America at Victoria's Secret; Best Toys we got for Christmas; Lame Christmas jewelry store ads.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

C&R Show 12/24/2015: Best-Of

Covino & Rich's Ghosts of Christmas Past - getting tools as gifts at the holidays; Covino chooses himself over his daughter in the pics with Santa; Holiday Tip Guide; Lamest gifts we got at the holidays; Someone getting a wallet for you; Kids ruining Santa for your kid.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

C&R Show 12/23/2015

Happy Festivus; Rich's "Funny" night out and how perception doesn't always match intention; Steve Harvey's comments on men not being friends with women; Donald Trump's comments on Hillary Clinton; Friend in need - getting over a girl at the holidays; Proposing to a girl at Christmas; Rekindling a friendship with a guy who screwed you out of money; News alerts - Nipplecoach; White girls twerking; Beatles catalog streaming; Robert Durst back in LA. Read More

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

C&R Show 12/22/2015

Feliz Knobby Job is a C&R classic; Odell Beckham Jr's suspension; Anthony Cumia's arrest reminds us people have the ability to film everything at a moment's notice; Getting Christmas presents is a hassle and seems forced; Rich's theory that Instagram hoes are just like 80's wrestlers; Big box office numbers this weekend; New study says watching yourself eat in the mirror diminishes taste; Christmas jams with soul; Pussification of America - the word Freshman is offensive; Food deemed culturally insensitive at a college; Political talk - what effect will the next president have on the country. Read More

Monday, December 21, 2015

C&R Show 12/21/2015

Steve Harvey's hilarious mistake at the Miss Universe Pageant - what was the REAL reason; Covino's big family announcement; Terms that should be eliminated from business meetings; Covino & Rich's Friday night double date; Rich's physical comedy stories; Pussification of Christmas continues - a couple of stories and observations from this holiday season; NFL weekend recap. Read More

Friday, December 18, 2015

C&R Show 12/18/2015: Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson on the Covino & Rich Show Star Wars Hype; Covino's dadlife dilemma - kids continue to say stuff to his daughter about Santa not being real; Jermaine Jackson's Hairline; Current food trends; Something that made Rich cry; NARFs - no apparent reason fights; Viral videos to check out; Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating people of 2015; Rich at parties; Rich's wife and her friend release a parody video; C&R need to produce parody videos - is Covino resistant? Joshua Jackson in studio - shares great stories. Read More

Thursday, December 17, 2015

C&R Show 12/17/2015: Olga Fonda

Hanging with @olgafonda in studio #TheShow #SXMLA @siriusxm

A photo posted by The Covino & Rich Show (@covinoandrich) on

2016 Rock and Roll hall of Fame inductees; Getting hyped for the new Star Wars films; C&R are amazed by Richard Simmons; Wonder what happened at the SiriusXM Christmas party; Rich's reputation on Hits1 - wants to change his name to Ziff Mavis; What makes you outgrow certain shows and people, and how do you have staying power? Things being bigger than they seem as a kid; Dad showers - is that normal? Where did 2015 go? Wrong not to exchange gifts for the holidays; Actress Olga Fonda in studio. Read More

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

C&R Show 12/16/2015: Wheeler Walker Jr

Dealing with the stress of the holidays; Covino is Mr Milk Toast; Recap of the Republican debates last night; Donald Trump is like your drunk friend at the bar; Covino's holiday party experience - schmoozing wisely; Friend in need of Rich - ok to have your friend buy a trip for you? Comedic country singer Wheeler Walker Jr performs live in studio; Apologizing to your woman for being mean. Read More

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

C&R Show 12/15/2015

Covino & Rich celebrate their 11th anniversary as a show; Reaction to Howard Stern re-signing with SXM; News alert - all LA area schools evacuated; Rich's dumb revelation about I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus; Jason Ellis with a sword in the hallway; Rich is the Chuck from Happy Days of the Morning Mash Up; Rich makes everything a competition - like decorating gingerbread houses with his wife; Politically incorrect references in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer; Covino loves Pancho Claus; What makes a threat credible? Discussion about the weird world of YouTube stars and monetizing videos; Avoiding being an Instagram Husband. Read More

Monday, December 14, 2015

C&R Show 12/14/2015

Rich's Christmas music observation; Google's Santa Tracker jam band; Covino's allergy-filled weekend with him, Layla and Mikey; C&R are Supermarket dunces; Billy Murray's Christmas special was the worst; Bravo TV special about the influence of events from 1994; Sending personal Christmas cards; NFL Sunday recap; C&R's bathroom break; Politically incorrect references in old movies; Viral videos to check out - new trailers are out. Read More

Friday, December 11, 2015

C&R Show 12/11/2015

Covino thinks 'Love Actually' is good at best; Rich feels bad for how much harder women have with aging over men; Covino's John Travolta dream; Breaking stuff in your house as a kid; Girls who get too ripped can be a turnoff - is the fitness trend more popular now? Formal Covino - our observation of how Covino is outside of work. Read More

Thursday, December 10, 2015

C&R Show 12/10/2015

Covino & Rich both overslept; Setting your alarm; Oldest thing you have from your childhood; Covino's taco meat mystery - did the foodie monster strike again? C&R's Story Slam Moth experience; People ruining Santa for you or your kids; Maintaining the magic of Christmas; The awkward conversation with your parents; Getting Catfished - sharing stories of getting fooled online; Rich wins the office football pool. Read More

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

C&R Show 12/09/2015: David Spade

David Spade with Covino & Rich Shows you check out in addition to C&R; TV themes; We're victims of our own awesomeness; Women exuding sexuality; What shows did Covino watch in the 90's? David Spade in studio; Sports updates. Read More

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

C&R Show 12/08/2015

Quick tribute to John Lennon on the anniversary of his death; Iconic images of famous people; Jared Leto's beef with Taylor Swift and his subsequent apology; Pussification of America Tuesday; FOX News causes a stir - Stacey Dash and calling out Obama; Random long hair down your pants; Monday Night Footbal recap; Scoot Van Pelt has the juice; Covino's observation of old guys at the gym; Teddy Bear Toss. Read More

Monday, December 7, 2015

C&R Show 12/07/2015: Jermaine Fowler

Comedian Jermaine Fowler on the Covino & Rich Show First day of Chanukah; Decorating for the holidays; Rich's tree is drying out fast; NFL Sunday recap; New Psy song that Rich loves; Rich is an exhibitionist; Pam Anderson on the final nude issue of Playboy - who would be a better choice? Record number of young girls going to the doctor with sex related injuries; Rich's jizz fun fact; News alerts; Thoughts on the Grammy nominations; Teen's dumb comments about The Wiz; Ryan Gosling hosts SNL; Participating in high school musicals; Comedian Jermaine Fowler in studio talks about staying on his hustle. Read More

Sunday, December 6, 2015

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Friday, December 4, 2015

C&R Show 12/04/2015: Larry & Shawn King; comedian Jamie Lee

Larry King & wife Shawn King on the Covino & Rich Show Doing things blindly based on other people's recommendations; Covino's addiction to pain aid and throat lozenges; Thursday Night Football recap and amazing play by Aaron Rodgers; Tribute to Scott Weiland; Larry King with his wife Shawn talk about covering big stories in the media, relationships and how they met; College deep thought and Covino being the real life Trip McNeely; News alerts & viral videos; Comedian Jamie Lee in studio talks relationships. Read MoreComedian Jamie Lee on the Covino & Rich Show

Thursday, December 3, 2015

C&R Show 12/03/2015

San Bernardino mass shooting - media reaction, gun and religion implications, stupid witnesses on the news; Throwback Thursday quiz; Parents being extra affectionate; Covino's failed gym experiment - caring about how you look at the gym; Throwback Thursday tribute to Forrest Gump - Covino's adult observations about the film, Gary Sinese, did Jenny really love Forrest; Spot's scene - farmer's markets; Old guys telling jokes. Read More

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

C&R Show 12/02/2015: Brent Morin

Spot's in a rut and says he's given up on life; Helping your buddy out of a rut; Lakers are in a slump; Rich's crusade against ugly Christmas sweaters; Miranda Lambert says she's enjoying dating again - does anyone really enjoy the dating scene or is it an empty feeling? Billboard music charts don't make sense; Psy releases a new song; NBC Undateable's Brent Morin in studio talking the comedy scene, hanging with Ed Sheeran and celebrity basketball tournaments. Read More

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

C&R Show 12/01/2015: Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz on the Covino & Rich Show Squad goals - Spot's handy skills and having a friend in your group to balance things out; People getting annoyed over Rich's use of the word urban to describe movies like Creed; Mental awareness in sports; Monday Night Football recap; Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz hangs in studio and talks his role on the show, his extensive career, what keeps him grounded and what's next on the show; Amy Schumer poses nude in a calendar - people using the word brave to discuss this might be backfiring. Read More

Monday, November 30, 2015

C&R Show 11/30/2015

Black Friday madness and crazy videos; Thanksgiving weekend recap; Rich's vacation to Cabo - wasn't feeling it; Rich's experience at a timeshare presentation; Adam Sandler does another Chanukah song; New shows and movies to watch; The Walking Dead recap; Our review of Creed - great film with a lot of heart and a good continuation of the Rocky Franchise; Klitschko vs Fury fight recap; Kobe Bryant announces his retirement; Olivia Culpo breaks up with Tim Tebow over sex. Read More

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

C&R Show 11/25/2015: Best-Of - Walking Dead Wednesday

C&R's Walking Dead Wednesday - interviews with cast members of the show, past and present - Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira, Jon Bernthal, David Morrissey. Read More

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

C&R Show 11/24/2015: Best-Of

Best of Covino & Rich with great show gems from the past - Covino's 1994 Hog-off; Covino's hoarding tendencies and his 90's room; Rich vs Teddy Nissan; Something's Fishy and the importance of business names; Seeing your friend have sex; She's got a gun! in New Orleans. Read More

Monday, November 23, 2015

C&R Show 11/23/2015: New Seth Rogen interview & Best-Of

Seth Rogen returns to the Covino & Rich Show Best of Covino & Rich; Friend in need - inviting a new girl over for Thanksgiving; The infamous coffee shop fight; Never before heard interview with Seth Rogen talking his new holiday movie and the process of making his films; Choosing a baby name; C&R Favorite: Patty the Possum story; C&R are Man Boys. Read More

Friday, November 20, 2015

C&R Show 11/20/2015

Best old school TV themes that pump you up and our favorite 80s & 90s cartoons; Hype building for Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez; Derek Jeter dispels the myth of his gift baskets; Donald Trump made solely out of a certain type of pictures; Jenny McCarthy's backlash over her comments about Charlie Sheen and HIV; Thanksgiving is next week: Cranberry sauce out of a can is preferred, Blake Shelton invites Gwen Stefani over for Thanksgiving, Inviting a new girl or random friend over to your family's house for Thanksgiving - good or bad move? Covino & Rich get flack for taking days off; NFL news - reasons why Aaron Rodgers is struggling. Read More

Thursday, November 19, 2015

C&R Show 11/19/2015

Excitement building for Canelo vs Cotto this weekend; Most underrated movies; New movies to check out - Zoolander 2 and Creed; News alerts - update on a guy who got a face transplant; Doug Flutie's parents die within an hour of each other; Dealing with people who post political and religious rants on Facebook; Oxford word of the year; Bieber gets a lot of buzz; Carly Simon reveals the subject of You're So Vain; Recognizing iconic music as a result of nostalgia; Freely discussing your finances with friends and relatives; YouTube trend of unboxing toys. Read More

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

C&R Show 11/18/2015: Ron Funches

Ron Funches on the Covino & Rich Show Charlie Sheen backlash continues; Debating the pros and cons of accepting Syrian refugees into the US; Rich's review of Heroes Reborn; Rich's sneaky sexcapades when Spot leaves the apartment; News alerts - Big Papi retires, Cotto vs Alvarez this weekend, Women arrested for twerking on a guy; ABFI philosophy - Always Be Feeling It; Undateable's Ron Funches in studio. Read More

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

C&R Show 11/17/2015: Clint Howard

Rich is back; News alerts - Charlie Sheen's big announcement that he is HIV positive; Latin Explosion documentary on HBO and how Covino benefited; Biggest pu$$y in all of sports - Andy Dalton; Rich's movie reviews; Rich hangs with Covino's sisters at Wurstfest and ranks the Covino siblings; Clint Howard stops by the show. Read More

Monday, November 16, 2015

C&R Show 11/16/2015: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Maksim Chmerkovskiy on the Covino & Rich Show Terrorist attacks in Paris over the weekend; Social media response to the Paris attacks and the Facebook filter; Woman blows away in the LA wind; Covino's a tampon box; NFL weekend recap; Holly Holm's defeat of Ronda Rousey over the weekend; Former Dancing with the Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy in studio; Rich hangs with Covino's sisters over the weekend. Read More

Friday, November 13, 2015

C&R Show 11/13/2015: Sarah Bolger; Judah Friedlander

Sarah Bolger on the Covino & Rich Show Rich is hanging in Texas for Wurstfest - things that are automatic when you start dating a new person; Passing notes in school and funny stories as a result; Moments in your life you laughed the hardest; Guns N Roses back together; Melody's new friendship song; Getting anxious when you have a lot to accomplish in a day; Stepping up your wardrobe as you get older; Into the Badlands' Sarah Bolger in studio; Judah Friedlander stops by to talk the standup world and his new drawings book; Covino and Layla's story telling experience; Voting for yourself in a competition. Read More Judah Friedlander returns to the Covino & Rich Show

Thursday, November 12, 2015

C&R Show 11/12/2015: Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk with Covino & Rich The annoying hype continues over Starbucks red cups; Everyone immediately getting offended; Covino hates the word amazing; Rich's "political" comment on Hits 1; Does Neil Diamond have the most recognizable voice? News alerts - man dies in police custody; New app for fighting (which is fake); Rocky IV 30 for 30; Joe's Crab Shack is the first place to eliminate tipping and raise the minimum wage - will this experiement succeed? Bob Odenikirk talks his new show Better Call Saul and coming up in the comedy world. Read More

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

C&R Show 11/11/2015

Happy Veterans Day; GOP Debate; Covino's serious question - when will America be considered an affluent country again? We love seeing Mark McGrath around the office; Rich's fury continues - upset at how the Morning Mash Up didn't acknowledge his move to LA and that he's still on SiriusXM; Covino's car accident update - story of getting the car fixed at a sketchy place; Spot's sensitive nipples and his apparent love of nipple play; Rich's dispute with an NYC bar for being overcharged during a charity event. Read More

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

C&R Show 11/10/2015: Jonathan Kite; Camilla Luddington

2 Broke Girls star Jonathan Kite on the Covino & Rich Show Covino's collapsed tooth and other teeth issues; Terminally-ill Star Wars fan dies after seeing the new movie; Bowling alleys stepping up their game; Rich's stand up experience; Covino & Rich's mistaken observation; Remembering toys you got as a kid and getting everything your kids want; Jonathan Kite of 2 Broke Girls in studio; People are unnecessarily upset over the new red cups at Starbucks; Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington in studio talks about her love of Ricki Lake and Dawson's Creek. Read MoreCamilla Luddington on the Covino & Rich Show

What do you think? Does Covino have teeth issues? Here's the x-ray to prove it #TheShow

A photo posted by The Covino & Rich Show (@covinoandrich) on

Monday, November 9, 2015

C&R Show 11/09/2015

Telling the difference between the quality of different coffee, wines and liquors; First drunk experiences; Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live; Naming your kid; 5SOS being labeled a boy band; Bands you know the lyrics to all their songs; Documentary about old people and getting to know the old people in your neighborhood; Viral videos to check out; Bradley vs Rios fight; Former players gone commentators gone back in the game; Spot's erection for the new Coldplay; The Walking Dead recap; Shows where the kids aging freaked you out; Gwen Stefani's new song about Gavin Rossdale? Shows you want to catch up on but have to be in the right mindset; NFL weekend recap; 50 Cent gay rumors; Rich's comedy show this past weekend. Read More

Saturday, November 7, 2015

C&R Show 11/06/2015

Ben Carson's campaign's new rap song; Best breakfast cereals we enjoyed as a kid and our ranking; Daws Butler - the voice of our favorite characters; Observing who would be your zombie crew at random parts of the day; Favorite snack we used to enjoy as a kid; Helping a friend with a favor; Rich's credit card company dispute with a bar and what he can do to get them back; Enjoying the positivity of Joel Osteen. Read More

Friday, November 6, 2015

C&R Show 11/05/2015

Building your will power when it comes to food; Covino loves Shark Tank; Covino's visit to the eye doctor; News alerts - developments in the Russian plane crash; Dating and hooking up as an adult; Friend in need - dealing with a girl who's too hairy; Spot's producer meeting; Girl gives up social media because it was so fake. Read More

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

C&R Show 11/04/2015

C&R debate the greatness of the movie Forrest Gump which leads to a conversation about the best and worst Tom Hanks movies; El Nino is coming and people on the west coast are freaking out; 20th anniversary of Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill; AT&T girl continues to be hot; News alert - Ohio didn't legalize marijuana which lost Nick Lachey a lot of money; 25th anniversary of the infamous Jesse Spano caffeine pills Saved By The Bell ad; Dated sounding music of the 2000s vs songs that could be popular today; Older women dating younger men might be a growing trend; Kardashians having an impact of the younger girl culture; Friend in need - guy making desperate attempts to get a girl back. Read More

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

C&R Show 11/03/2015: Ticklesack - I Wanna Taco

Rich is like Peppermint Patty and loves Simon Pegg; Which Peanuts character are you; Straight brim hats are lame; Rich's plance experience - watched a random movie and got visibly frightened by a TV show; Debut of new Ticklesack song 'I Wanna Taco'; Behind the Velvet Rope; Terminally Ill man wants to see the new Star Wars film; NFL updates; 49ers benching Colin Kaepernick; Wearing a jersey of a player with the same name; Lame Walking Dead episode; Rich's newfound love of Simon Pegg; Bernie Sanders doesn't want to kiss babies; Work romances - having to hide them. Read More

Monday, November 2, 2015

C&R Show 11/02/2015

Rich copes with the pain of the Mets losing to the Royals in the World Series; Who do you blame for the demise of the Mets? Mets fan camaraderie; Melody's birthday party experience - scene of kids birthday parties; Halloween weekend recap - buttcheeks everywhere; Walking Dead episode was lame; News alerts - Uber driver attacked; Leah Remini on 20/20 (is she hot); Study on Trump and political correctness; Rich hates marathon runners; Covino eats a piece of humble pie. Read More

Saturday, October 31, 2015

C&R Show 10/30/2015

Rich is in NY for World Series Game 3 of Mets vs Royals; Fat friend fun time; People taking pride in their job vs not caring; Tribute to 2 awesome black guys; Musical deep thought - someone having a signature sound vs emulating someone else; Child-friendly stories on standby; News alerts - Biker gang shootout; Bieber on stage freakout; Starfishes are killing themselves; Befriending the mayor of Los Angeles; Rich's fake wife from his photo shoot calls in to give her perspective. Read More

Thursday, October 29, 2015

C&R Show 10/29/2015: Denis O'Hare; Jon Taffer

American Horror Story star Denis O'Hare returns to the Covino & Rich Show World Series Game 2 recap as the Mets lose to the Royals; Lenny Dykstra's comments to Colin Cowherd about blackmailing umpires when he was a player; Broadcasters at the World Series speaking a lot of nonsense; Covino's throat noises and coughing is out of control; American Horror Story: Hotel's Denis O'Hare talks about getting into character and his child experiences of coming out; Rich's first model gig yesterday and his new fake latino family; Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer talks about the science of running a bar and great ways to interact with women at the bar. Read More Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer on the Covino & Rich Show

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

C&R Show 10/28/2015

World Series Game 1 recap - Royals beat the Mets; America's hatred of Joe Buck as a broadcaster; Drake's Hotline Bling video; Covino's new haircut for a TV appearance; Rich's first model gig - being cast with a fake family and what the casting says about what they think of him; Hectic weekend for parents since it's Halloween; South Carolina student dragged out of the classroom by a security officer - excessive force or appropriate? Read More

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

C&R Show 10/27/2015

Covino's excited about his haircut today and has been planning for weeks; Skinny mirrors causing a buzz; Rich's Disneyland experience and how he hated the theme park; Covino's theory on what Disneyland needs - midgets; New Back to the Future documentary and released clips; Politically incorrect hero Al Bundy; Inappropriate comments at games - just takes on person to say something; Student attacked by police officer; World Series Game 1 preview; Awkwardness in church and how to kneel while entering a pew; Guy kills his friend because he thought he was a zombie. Read More

Monday, October 26, 2015

Naughty Belle with a Sexy Beast

Great time w/ @Layla_Covino - Naughty Bell w/ a SEXY BEAST!! #HappyHalloween #THESHOW

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C&R Show 10/26/2015: Wagner Moura

Narcos star Wagner Moura on the Covino & Rich Show

If you missed Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar of @Narcos ) on #THESHOW Catch it @siriusxm ON DEMAND

A photo posted by The Covino & Rich Show (@covinoandrich) on

Meeting with important people; Spot makes pies with Covino's daughter and should turn it into a business; Royals headed to the World Series against the Mets; New trend in big butts; Artist releasing hits - when does it end? Late night feuds; Inappropriate outfits showing buttcheeks for teenage girls; Rich's amusement park tips; Covino's weekend Halloween party; Walking Dead recap - major spoilers; Biggest box office flops based on the new record holder this weekend; Wagner Moura stops by to discuss his role as Pablo Escobar on Netlix's Narcos. Read More

"The Baking Spot!" Sign up now before @spotcenter is booked! @layla_covino #pies #THESHOW

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

C&R Show 10/23/2015

Alarm "not going off" is just operator error; Getting fooled by something realistic; South Park yelpers episode - people caring too much about Yelp reviews; Gross food retaliation from restaurants; Brands we love; People in official positions "breaking character"; Favorite fast food chicken sandwiches; Sports updates - Thursday Night Football; MLB Playoffs; Understanding the effects of team trades; Covino's Groundlings show experience - focusing on Flo from Progressive and seeing people out of context throwing you off; Millenials not getting things. Read More

Friday, October 23, 2015

C&R Show 10/22/2015

Mets win the NLCS so Rich jizzed his pants; Spot's Twilight Toe; Scratching your nuts in public; Social accountability at a sports arena; Rich reconnected with a friend he hasn't seen in 20 years; Covino's car accident update with a horrible twist; Hype of yesterday's Back to the Future Day; Going on a cheap vacation with a timeshare presentation. Read More

Just filming myself reading the paper. You know, because it's Thursday @usatoday

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

C&R Show 10/21/2015

Back to the Future Day; Mets are up 3-0 in the NLCS and Rich is excited; Best 80's movie bully; Kim Kardashian's birthday; Porn star Lela Star's buttcheeks; Covino's experience at a Story Slam event; Viral videos - fire brother, guy sings acoustic Lil Jon; Joe Biden NOT running for president; Derek Jeter vs John Mayer - who has the best ass resume and who would you rather be? Read More

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

C&R Show 10/20/2015

Excitement building over the new Star Wars film; Rich treats his microwave like defusing a bomb; People are going after Amy Schumer for stealing Patrice O'Neal's jokes; Is anything original anymore or has it all been done? Presidential race getting a lot of attention - Are polls really accurate? Rich rediscovered his love of music competition shows; News alerts - new Canadian prime minister; MLB playoffs; Covino's sister is getting her own place; The new epidemic of text next amongst teens. Read More

C&R Show 10/19/2015

Rich audio problems to start off the show; Britney Spears wardrobe malfunction; Rich is excited about the Mets playoffs; Lamar Odom update; Walking Dead recap; Triple G fight; People dressing up in costumes and fanatical culture; Random people at your high school; Rich's icebreaker technique; Having everything you need in your home so you don't have to go out. Read More

Saturday, October 17, 2015

C&R Show 10/16/2015

Rich is pumped for the Mets win; MLB playoffs updates; Being a bandwagon fan vs being passionate about the sport; Tailgate radio playlist - getting pumped while preparing for the game; Crisp fall weather; Best chain restaurant bread; News alerts; Lamar Odom update; Cosmo article about things a woman can do to turn on her man. Read More

Friday, October 16, 2015

C&R Show 10/15/2015

MLB Playoffs update; Memories of horny teen antics and banging random things on a Throwback Thursday; Remembering negative vs positive events; The worst aunt ever - suing your family or friends; Covino's confession - he loves the hoverboards/oxboards; Lamar Odom updates; Rats are all the rage - dead mouse in a Subway sandwich; News alerts - Miley Cyrus's naked concert. Read More

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

C&R Show 10/14/2015: Josh McDermitt

Recap of last night's NLDS Game 4 @ CitiField - Spot continues his adventures; Morning Men make a cameo; Lamar Odom found unconscious in a brothel; C&R randomness and playing instruments in studio; Rich is a transient; Crashing at people's places as an adult; Following the rivers and streams in your home town; Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt talks the new season and coming up in the comedy world. Read More

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

C&R Show 10/13/2015

NLDS Game 3 recap at CitiField; Spot's crazy adventures at CitiField; Getting scammed for tickets; Pussification of America - Playboy to stop publishing nude photos; Kid gets sent home for a military tribute shirt with a gun; Rich's 'acting' hypothetical about getting to do something with another woman if his wife is making out with a guy for a movie; Friend in need about catching your wife cheating via email. Read More

Monday, October 12, 2015

C&R Show 10/12/2015: LIVE from McFadden's @ CitiField for NLDS Game 3

Join Covino & Rich Live for a special broadcast from McFadden's at CitiField as the Mets take on the Dodgers for Game 3 of the NLDS; Experience the electric playoff vibe first-hand as C&R interact with fans leading up to the first ever playoff game at CitiField. Read More

Saturday, October 10, 2015

C&R Show 10/09/2015

Update on Covino's accident yesterday; MLB Playoff preview - Rich is excited and we will be live from CitiField on Monday; Covino's a guzzler of drinks; Impressing women with lying; Pretending to do something sexual while acting and disconnecting the two; Victor Cruz caught cheating through a mass text. Read More

Thursday, October 8, 2015

C&R Show 10/08/2015

MLB wildcard "scrum" last night; Overly announcing announcers; Mauro Ranallo, Throwback Thursday deep tought about the kids who moved away when we were young and how they affected us; Covino's accident experience and what he should do; WAGS observation - girls checking in with their man before going to the strip club; Ronda Rousey and Tim Kurkjian's awkward moment; Going to the gym with your woman to spend more time together - good or bad idea? Read More

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

C&R Show 10/07/2015

Happy birthday Dicky Doo! Hear all the action from Rich's birthday celebration extravaganza now ONDemand #TheShow @hootsxo

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Rich's birthday celebration extravaganza; Definition of your mid and late 30s; Spot comes from a family of sexual freaks; Early episodes of The Walking Dead compared to now - same comparison with our show; CC Sabathia reactions; MLB wildcard recap; New term for hooking up; Random news alerts - guy cuts up his girlfriend like Dexter; Hipster Kickball player vs napping girl; New Steve Jobs film and documentary and the way he changed the way we live; Dee Snyder and Paul Stanley have beef; 30 years since Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's Say Say Say; John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival - associating singers with their lame solo hit vs their legendary band's hits. Read More

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

C&R Show 10/06/2015

Pilot dies mid-flight; Dying on the job and doing your job under pressure; Stories of getting scared by people; Selling your childhood hand-me-down toys; Reactions to CC Sabathia going into rehab before the MLB playoffs; Getting a vasectomy; Pussification of America stories - guys getting beard implants; My Culture is not a Costume movement for Halloween; Viral videos - entitled Mac and cheese guy from UCONN; MMA fighter poops his pants in the ring; McDonalds offers breakfast all day; Tom Brady's generous gesture; Rich gets freaked out by Spot's wife's foot; Dealing with your woman when she has no remote control skills. Read More

Monday, October 5, 2015

C&R Show 10/05/2015

Weekend TV recap - Fear the Walking Dead & Homeland; NFL recap; Rich might be quitting softball; That's SO Viral - french bulldog takes on 2 bears; Honey Boo Boo's new rap video; Girl colors her face with a sharpie; Family clones their dog - is this something people would do? Phubbing the the new rage - phone snubbing; Being courteous vs selfish; SlutWalk against slut shaming; Adding shaming to something is the new trend; Best places to watch a game as a fan. Read More

Friday, October 2, 2015

C&R Show 10/02/2015

Covino and Rich talk about sports, answer a caller's question about semen and talk about the recent mass shooting in Oregon. Read More

C&R Show 10/01/2015: Gabriel Iglesias

Fluffy Returns! - Gabe Iglesias w/ C&R Covino and Rich talk about celebrity sex stats, men receiving alimony and welcome comedian Gabriel Iglesias to the studio. Read More

Thursday, October 1, 2015

C&R Show 09/30/2015

Covino enjoying The Daily Show; Rich went out with the old boss last night; How are Covino & Rich enjoying LA life? Rich's comedy night dilemma & Coffee Karma; Woman suing a man who saved her from drowning for rape - a hoax? New dating app Bumble lets women take lead. Robot sex will be prominent in the future. Read More

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

C&R Show 09/29/2015

The holidays are fast approaching; Viral videos; Kevin Hart on The Daily Show; Rich's dream about Donald Trump; Could a presidential candidate win you over if you met them? Spot live from NY; Online trends that are simply terrible; Pussification of America - unfriending people on Facebook considered bullying; Young people sucking it up at work; Checking with your partner before making plans. News & sports updates. Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend committed suicide after breakup; Mount Rushmore of sports legends; Rich's observation about towels. Read More

Monday, September 28, 2015

C&R Show 09/28/2015

C&R recap their weekend - Disappointing drops and just long build ups, Rich's wack flying experience, the blood moon & Fear the Walking Dead; The 49ers suck while the Mets clinch the NL East & other sports updates; Rocky's appeal to various demographics & the upcoming movie Creed; TV updates; Rich is doing comedy this Thursday; Shepard Smith's flub this weekend; Homosexuality, Taylor Swift, John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown & country music. Read More

Saturday, September 26, 2015

C&R Show 09/25/2015

Covino and Rich talk about telling your partner about your porn habits; Various viral videos gaining attention; The idea of having a "man shower". Read More

Friday, September 25, 2015

C&R Show 09/24/2015

Covino and Rich talk TV show updates; A woman who says an affair saved her life; Learning from mistakes; The pros & cons of having children. Read More

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

C&R Show 09/23/2015: Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta with Covino & Rich Covino and Rich talk about Pope-mania, the Jellyfish handshake and welcome actor Diego Boneta to the studio. Read More

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

C&R Show 09/22/2015: Nick Swardson & Rob Riggle

ICYMI- @RobRiggle & @NickSwardson stopped by to talk POA & @HellandBackFilm #TheShow Covino opens the show by himself with Rich MIA; Rich arrives and they take some calls; They talk about being a Netflix King, the ubiquitous "Pizza Rat," and Nick Swardson and Rob Riggle drop by to discuss their new film "Hell and Back." Read More

Monday, September 21, 2015

C&R Show 09/21/2015

Covino & Rich talk about life at a convention, the Emmy Awards 2015, Amy Schumer, and a bar that ripped Rich off. Read More

Saturday, September 19, 2015

C&R Show 09/18/2015

Covino & Rich discuss relating to people you don't know well, Hollywood auditions, Donald Trump's run of the nomination and a few Friends in Need. Read More

Friday, September 18, 2015

C&R Show 09/17/2015

Covino and Rich tackle ticket scalping, differences between various generations, the recent GOP debate, talk to "Being Canadian" filmmaker Rob Cohen and discuss the "Clock Boy" situation. Read More

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

C&R Show 09/16/2015

Covino & Rich discuss tonight's GOP debate; The mystery of Trump's lead; UFC fighter Nick Diaz being suspended for marijuana; The hit show 'Narcos'; How small decisions can change your life. Read More

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

C&R Show 09/15/2015

LA weather is freaking everyone out; Monday Night Football recap; Channel changes and OnDemand still annoying people; Rich is Mr Handsome pants; Rich's brain busters; Worst boxer ever; More Vegas observations; Hookah Bars; Novelty strippers; Spot's awkward situation; Women with big butts vs fat women with big butts; 30th anniversary of the Golden Girls; Rich's commercial audition update. Read More

Spot's drunk disinterested face as the lame boxing guy cornered him in Vegas! #theshow

A photo posted by The Covino & Rich Show (@covinoandrich) on

Monday, September 14, 2015

C&R Show 09/14/2015: Jenny McCarthy

Recap from our weekend in Vegas for the Mayweather vs Berto fight; Is Floyd really retiring? Rich's Vegas theory - can't go for longer than 2 days; People using The Money Team to pick up girls in Vegas; NFL week 1 recap; Fear the Walking Dead is much more exciting than The Walking Dead; Rich's first LA commercial audition; Jenny McCarthy live in studio talking about Steven Segal and butt play, guys trying butt play; News Alerts. Read More Jenny McCarthy Stops by C&R

Saturday, September 12, 2015

C&R Show 09/11/2015

Covino & Rich talk about their Las Vegas trip to see the Mayweather vs Berto fight; They discuss the "whore parade"; The 9/11 anniversary; The pros & cons of gambling and various current events. Find out what happens when a longtime listener proposes to his girlfriend at the end of the show. Read More

Thursday, September 10, 2015

C&R Show 09/10/2015

Throwback Thursday; Drug Zombies; Rich's 6th grade poetry reading; Heading to Vegas for the Mayweather Berto fight; Friend in need about kicking a weed habit; Covino's dadlife experiences at school events; NFL Week 1 Kickoff tonight - Rich gives his picks; Let jizz fly - people caught masturbating in public - What would you do in that situation? Read More

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

C&R Show 09/09/2015

Thoughts on Stephen Colbert's first late night show; Covino is loving Narcos; What does it mean when a woman says "You don't look married?" Rich's amazing revelation about Spot that turns out to be not that amazing; Serena Williams beats her sister at the US Open; Yankees tell-all book that has shocking alleged stories; Hypothetical - would you want to go back to 2002 and relive your life since that point? Read More

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

C&R Show 09/08/2015

Labor Day weekend recap; Mexican word of the day; Covino's liking the new Netflix show Narcos; Netflix comedy specials to check out; The way certain cultures perceived mixed races; Rich's text misunderstanding; Serena & Venus Williams battle it out today; Can't believe Drake and Serena Williams are dating; Spot's Les Miserables situation with his wife's broken ankle; Sports updates; Matt Harvey's media blunder; Pussification of America - Justin Bieber's new song causes feminist controversy; Nicole Arbour fat shaming video removed. Read More

Monday, September 7, 2015

C&R Show 09/07/2015: Best-Of + New Interviews: Craig Robinson & Brandon T Jackson; Greg Poehler; Carlson Young

Covino & Rich Labor Day Extravaganza - Using GPS just for time when you know where you're going; Never before heard interview with Craig Robinson & Brandon T. Jackson; Manatee or BBC? Disturbing your kid while getting ready in the morning; Never before heard interview with Welcome to Sweden's Greg Poehler; Rich's creepy hook up technique; Never before heard interview with MTV Scream's Carlson Young. Read More Greg Poehler on the Covino & Rich Show

Saturday, September 5, 2015

C&R Show 09/04/2015: Ed Skrein

Ed Skrein on The Covino & Rich Show Labor Day weekend plans; Tips for meeting up with someone while in a long distance relationship; Ed Skrein talks his role in The Transporter Refueled and his untimely exit from Game of Thrones; That's SO Viral: Kermit the Frog in the news for his new thinner girlfriend - upsetting feminist groups; Why are people treating the Muppets like a real story? Viral clips - guy annoys his wife at Ikea, Guy tries to save his ribs, Monk broke his record for walking on water, Jenna Jameson's donk sorcery, Mexican guy with a 19 inch penis; New porn parodies to check out; Guy names his kid Robert Griffin after RGIII. Read More C&R have the real scoop. We definitely sensed a "rainbow connection" when @kermitthefrog & Walter stopped by #TheShow #justsayin

Thursday, September 3, 2015

C&R Show 09/03/2015: Maz Jobrani

Rich is distracted trying to get tickets; Kids in kindergarten encouraged to fight; Rich and Spot's night out; Heavy conversation amongst mixed company; Friend in need - overcoming a sexual slump; Comedian Maz Jobrani talks the comedy scene, his other favorite comedians and being typecasted. Read More Hanging in studio with comedian @mazjobrani #TheShow #thisguy #westcoast

C&R Show 09/02/2015

Covino continues to justify his new "running buddy"; Listening to other radio shows; Rich's deep thought about the true social change brought about by Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back and the appreciation of big butts; Jim Carrey's career more widespread due to In Living Color; Rich's frustrating attempt to get Mets tickets from former coworkers; C&R have a nasty fight on air; News alerts - Jimmy Snuka arrested for murder, Elementary school fight club, Teenage boy wants to use the girl's lockerroom - gender issues, 9 year old writes an open letter to Disneyland about gender neutrality; SNL cast member apologizes for old tweets. Read More

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

C&R Show 09/01/2015: Kate Quigley

Official audio of Rich's cameo on Crusin' with Cousin Brucie; Calling radio stations; Covino's awkward encounter and his possible new running buddy; Scamming phone numbers from stores; Band names you mistakenly associate with the lead singer; Comedian Kate Quigley in studio; Mexican guy with allegedly the largest penis in the world. Read More Welcoming @kateqfunny in studio on #TheShow... in a bikini

Monday, August 31, 2015

C&R Show 08/31/2015

VMAs recap from the weekend - Miley Cyrus hosts and is unnecessarily vulgar, Kanye West's 13 minute rant and announcement, Weed references, Nip slip; Fear the Walking Dead; Trump and Clinton in the news; Sports updates - No hitter, Little League World Series, Yankees/Braves, Fan falls to death, Santa Cruz vs Mares, Preseason Football; RIP Lily Munster surfaces online; Covino's basketball dominance over the weekend; Rich is not a cardio guy; Justice for Conrad - girl tells her boyfriend to kill himself; Rich's Cousin Brucie cameo. Read More

Saturday, August 29, 2015

C&R Show 08/28/2015: Kid Kelly; Pete Wentz; Nick Jonas

Pete Wentz on the Covino & Rich Show Covino loves the music of Radio Disney - difference between that and Hits 1 as Kid Kelly pops in; Kid Kelly's workout regiment and love of bulletproof coffee; Rich gets giddy when the mashup pops in; Busy vibe at the SXM LA studios - Covino is a loner and Rich is a social butterfly; Pete Wentz stops by to talk getting into music and a crazy private gig he played; Bands we didn't realize we liked based on their hits; Nick Jonas stops by and talks his transition from Jo-Bro to solo pop star. Read More Nick Jonas on the Covino & Rich Show

Thursday, August 27, 2015

C&R Show 08/27/2015: Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell on the Covino & Rich Show Covino embarrasses us at a sushi business lunch by ordering Chicken Teriyaki; Our experience at the Premiere Boxing Champions event yesterday; Covino needs to become the voice of the Mexican people; Covino changing up his hair - he refuses; Chris Parnell in studio talking about his new movie and his SNL days; News alerts - Joey Fatone's open letter to One Direction; Dr Dre getting sued; Tyga's rap about Kylie Jenner; Sports update; Silent parties are the new rage. Read More

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

C&R Show 08/26/2015: Derek Waters

Drunk History's Derek Waters on the Covino & Rich Show Breaking news of the Virginia television station WDBJ7 news shooting - talk about the details as the story unfolds; Horrible story that hits home; Wayho girl gets us in a good mood; Covino's daughter gets a special visit from the tooth fairy; VA shooter releases a first-person video of the shooting; Drunk History's Derek Waters in studio. Read More

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

C&R Show 08/25/2015: Tony Rock

Rich is in a mood apparently caused by Covino and Spot; Letting others dictate your mood; Is Spot depressed? Show feedback; Tracy Morgan's new home in NJ; New music; Amazed that music and lyrics are still created; Easier to write a movie, TV show or song; Pussification of America Tuesday - Project Harpoon, Dad lets his kid choose a doll as a toy - open-minded or self serving? Actor and comedian Tony Rock in studio; One Direction taking a break and Joey Fatone responds; Sports updates. Read More

Monday, August 24, 2015

C&R Show 08/24/2015: Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael returns to the Covino & Rich Show Weekend TV recap of new shows; C&R argue about more difficult acting scenarios based on Fear the Walking Dead; Making the unbelievable believable; Rich takes Spot's suggestion and watches Mr Robot; News alerts - Jon Stewart appears at Summer Slam; One Direction taking a break; Axl Rose and Slash are friends again; Covino's fake appearance on TMZ fools all his friends; Sports updates; John McEnroe says he could beat Serena Williams in a match; Fake national holidays; Comedian and actor Jerrod Carmichael stops in to talk about his new show; Spending excessive wealth. Read More

Covino on TMZ from Mike Durband on Vimeo.

Friday, August 21, 2015

C&R Show 08/21/2015

Elementary school lunches and snacks; Snacks not allowed in schools anymore; Pussification of America; Caitlyn Jenner jokes get some flack; 80's follow up ballads Friday; Jared from Subway headed to prison; Best method to print photos; Sports updates - Triple G, Ronda Rousey, RGIII; Addressing issues in a relationship before they go too far or cheating takes place; Friend in need - guy's girlfriend taking out frustrations on his kids; Update from a previous friend in need; Choosing food vs ass when you're deprived of both. Read More

Thursday, August 20, 2015

C&R Show 08/20/2015: Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry returns to the Covino & Rich Show Viral videos of women attacking their men for cheating; Worthless miracles in your life - winning stuff or sexual escapades; Sports updates; Deez Nuts running for president; Covino owning the phrase Deez Nuts; Being associated with certain things; Brian Green and Megan Fox split; Will long marriages eventually be a rare thing; Old people will never look like the old people we're used to; Rob Corddry in studio talking Ballers; Children's Hospital and dadlife. Read More

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

C&R Show 08/19/2015: Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi returns to the Covino & Rich Show Covino's improving himself with a juice cleanse and ankle weights; People are up in arms about our replay and OnDemand; Rich's morbid thought about houses in your hometown; Rich's beach adventures; Rich's Ice Cube blunder; Conspiracies in the news - Australian storm and 9/23; Sarah Shahi hangs out on the show; A friend in need about confronting your girl about texting another guy. Read More

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

C&R Show 08/18/2015

Adjusting to our new west coast morning schedule has been rough on Covino & Spot; Topics we missed yesterday; Layla almost became a singer and met with Suge Knight; Covino keeps damaging his car in the garage; Rich's odd strip club offer to be an MC at a club - worth the risk? Summer jams of the summer we're digging; Rich and the Stranger on his recent trip to NYC; Pussification of America - James Harrison sends back his son's participation trophies and the Alpha Phi sorority recruitment video. Read More

Monday, August 17, 2015

C&R Show 08/17/2015

C&R loved Straight Outta Compton; Rich becomes a NWA historian; C&R debate about growing up with hip hop music; Rich's weekend adventures in Montauk; Guaranteed way to hook up with a girl...according to creepy Rich; Dealing with abrasive friends; Covino's encounter at the beach; News & Sports alerts. Read More

Saturday, August 15, 2015

C&R Show 08/14/2015: Morning Men

Rich is back in NY for the weekend and now appreciates the LA lifestyle; Morning Men make a cameo on the show; Sesame Street picked up by HBO; Bill Cosby's mistakes affect the Cosby Show and the rest of the cast - when your coworkers have an affect on your career; Leaving the party too soon; Mark in Colorado sparks a debate between Spot and Rich about Spot not visiting his wife back in NY; As Straight Outta Compton debuts - the best biopic portrayals. Read More

Friday, August 14, 2015

C&R Show 08/13/2015: SiriusXM RUSH debut

Debut of our new channel SiriusXM Rush; The new show intro causes a controversy; Tarnished celebrity images after public scandal; NFL & MLB sports updates. Read More

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

C&R Show 08/12/2015: Cast of Straight Outta Compton

#StraightOuttaCompton cast with crazy MFers named C&R #TheShow Catch today's interview on @siriusxm OnDemand Getting ready for C&R on SXM Rush 93 tomorrow; SiriusXM summer BBQ in the office; Covino's advertising integrity; Rich's trip to the Dodgers game last night; How does the Elias Sports Bureau work? Geno Smith gets sucker punched by IK Enemkpali; Rich and Spot debate over setting GPS just to know when you'll arrive somewhere and not for directions; Cast of Straight Outta Compton joins C&R in studio. Read More

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

C&R Show 08/11/2015: Tony Hale

Facebook is an important social media tool according to our company (So LIKE US on Facebook); Republican candidates may be unpopular amongst women; Growing up on hip hop music as we prepare for Straight Outta Comptom; VEEP's Tony Hale talks his new movie American Ultra; Photo surfaces of Ben Affleck's nanny rocking Tom Brady's rings; Other goofy BS gossip; Hypothetical - banging an 18 year old hot girl vs a 36 year old hot woman; Don't Bang the Nanny! Read More

Monday, August 10, 2015

C&R Show 08/10/2015

Covino's birthday weekend recap; Straight Outta....; Frozen yogurt rage; Pub in New Zealand creates Stag Semen Stout beer; Covino got dressed in the dark this morning which sparks a heated debate - avoiding waking your kids in the morning; Michael Jordan's comments about the Bulls and Lakers; Thinking you're the best at what you do; The great equalizer amongst men; Being able to compete in various challenges; Rich's future self; Frank Gifford passes away. Read More

Saturday, August 8, 2015

C&R Show 08/07/2015

New SiriusXM channel changes take effect next week; FOX News GOP debate recap - breakdown the candidates and who came out on top; Aldon Smith of the 49ers in trouble again; New Chris Farley documentary and newly released audio; Rich has no desire to see Straight Outta Compton; Where do you vacation when living in Southern California. Read More

Friday, August 7, 2015

C&R Show 08/06/2015: Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel on the Covino & Rich Show Covino insists he is not a prude over penis-gate; Why is everyone banging their nanny? Positive affirmations while shooting baskets as a kid phenomenon of always seeing the same random episode of a show you barely watch; Favorite episodes of random old TV shows; Best clothing that gives the greatest indicator of a girl's butt; What to expect from tonight's GOP debate; Interacting with your family via phone; HBO Ballers star Arielle Kebbel stops by the studio to talk the show and relationships. Read More

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

C&R Show 08/05/2015

Kelly Osbourne causes controversy with her comments about Latinos; Hip Hop hump day; Cleaning the toilet in your house; Friend in need about getting a finger in the butt; What are THOSE attacks on Michael Jordan; Getting annoyed at front runner fans; Kermit and Miss Piggy split up; What does 50 Cent spend his money on? Kevin Bacon calls for more junk movies; Lenny Kravitz unleashes his hog; Rich's dog poop knife debate. Read More

C&R Show 08/04/2015: Amber Stevens West

Amber Stevens West on the Covino & Rich Show Rich's dominance in a softball league; Vouching for a friend when you bring them on your team; For a celebrity known for their body part do you have the right to take a photo with that part? Celebrity breakups and divorce as a result of cheating; Do you allow a single indiscretion in your relationship? Having sex before you go out to dinner; Covino getting in shape and getting upset that we're making fun of him; The Carmichael Show's Amber Stevens West; Headshot poses for guys. Read More

Monday, August 3, 2015

C&R Show 08/03/2015: Michael Starr; Brett Morgen

Steel Panther's Michael Starr with Covino & Rich Covino hates the impression Rich and Spot do of him; Rowdy Roddy Piper passed over the weekend; Top 5 wrestlers of our childhood; Weekend news alerts - New York Mets, Rhonda Rousey knockout, Danny Garcia fight; Steel Panther's Michael Starr talks about closing down the House of Blues tonight; HitchBot is destroyed; Documentary to watch about The Amazing Randi; Documentary filmmaker Brett Morgen talks about working on Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck; Weekend Box Office recap - Vacation was a decent movie. Read More Director Brett Morgen on the Covino & Rich Show

Saturday, August 1, 2015

C&R Show 07/31/2015

New SiriusXM channel line up; Covino blowing his nose in public; 2 movies to check out this weekend and Rich couldn't care less about one of them; Tom Cruise is dating a 22 year old; Cecil the Lion still in the news; Candlebox's hits of the 90s; Channel changes for C&R - moving to SiriusXM Rush 93; Viral video of a small town in Italy playing Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters; Best Foo Fighters songs; Caitlyn Jenner trying to have a more feminine voice; Rich and Spot love the gayest song ever; What the F is wrong with guys today? Read More

Thursday, July 30, 2015

C&R Show 07/30/2015: Ethan Embry

Ethan Embry on the Covino & Rich Show Cecil the Lion story continues; Covino is intense; Manatee or BBC; Getting dissed by management; West Coast Life; MLB trades and updates; Rich is Dr Science; Blue Moon coming up tomorrow; People are dumb; Dummy fishing game with C&R; Actor Ethan Embry reminisces about his iconic roles and talks about his roles on Grace and Frankie and The Walking Dead. Read More

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

C&R Show 07/28/2015

Covino feels left out of all the action but he's the coolest guy around; The Bachelorette finale; Viral videos; Tom Cruise takes on Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle on the Tonight Show; Trades in baseball; Who's cooler - Jen Selter or Jen Welter - First female coach in the NFL; Khloe Kardashian's Complex magazine cover; Want to know if you were the best sex of your woman's life or if it was with another guy? Pussification of America Tuesday. Read More