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Friday, March 11, 2016

C&R Show 03/11/2016: Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro on the Covino & Rich Show Be sure to check out yesterday's Karaoke session OnDemand; Still annoyed at our show getting cut off; Music at a party is key; Random bee "attack" yesterday - a swarm of bees passed by our rooftop lunch and Rich exaggerates the situation; Green Day's Dookie was a great album from start to finish; C&R hated American Idiot and Rent (which Spot tries to defend); Covino used to be self-centered and treat women horribly; Election updates - Hillary backs Obama; Trump "taking a knee" since he's in the lead; Rubio may be out if he loses Florida; Alfonso Ribeiro in studio talks about his career, Fresh Prince, The Carlton Dance, working with Michael Jackson, and wise words from Dave Winfield; News alerts - Romanian woman rips off her husband's sack. Read More

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