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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bachelor Party Weekend

Friday, August 29, 2014

C&R Show 08/29/2014: Best-Of

Covino & Rich Best of Summer 2014: Rich's advice of the day for the interns; Covino gets annoyed by a phrase from his waitress; Run-DMC's Darryl McDaniels; Tyrannosaurus Spot; C&R go at it over "The Scene"; Covino remebers his triumph in the 1994 Hog Off.

Spot's Knees

Thursday, August 28, 2014

C&R Show 08/28/2014

Recap our LA adventures and the trip home; Rich saw 2 solid movies on the plane; Chopping board boy; Reclining seats on the plane cause a major fight amongst passengers - should everyone have the right to recline? The Knee Defender device, the new viral trend and our take on it; The tale of Covino's childhood friend Double Diaz; Going away with a group and not having plans could be a recipe for disaster; Friend in need - guy's wife wants to get a "mommy makeover" after having kids - should he allow this? Read More

Spot & Wilhelm

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

C&R Show 08/27/2014

Live From LA Day 3 - more experiences with Uber and drivers; Companies embracing new technologies to survive; Future of the driving experience; Spot's LA Uber Challenge to In-N-Out Burger; Covino's tale about a mom and her dog; Girls posing a certain way in photos - does it mean anything? Cologne and how much to apply. Read More

Princess Boys

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

C&R Show 08/26/2014: Alexis Texas

Live From LA Day 2; Covino's Uber Experience; The new rage of Uber and escorts; Emmys recap; Covino, Rich & Spot go at it over Covino having his head up his butt, being too proud; Stanley T meets Ariana Grande - Professional boundaries vs personal importance; Adult film star Alexis Texas gives us an in depth look into the porn world. Read More

Monday, August 25, 2014

C&R Show 08/25/2014: Jason Derulo; Deanna Russo

Live From LA broadcasting from Piolin's studio; Covino stuck in traffic; Live play-by-play of police car chase; MTV VMAs 2014; Miley Cyrus on with Ryan Seacreast - would you date a woman with a terrible voice/laugh? Shavo from System of A Down calls in; Dan Bilzerian's weaker brother Don Bilzerian; True Blood finale; Rich's sick weekend; Little league world series; Rich, Spot, & Mikey's slumber party gone wrong; Guests include Jason Derulo & Deanna Russo. Read More

I Am Don Bilzerian

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Covino's hair dye stain on Duvet

C&R Show 08/22/2014

[C&R Recap] Rich is super sick and Covino had technical difficulties; C&R open forum; Rich's internly advice on Allie's last day; Rich's role playing proposition to his wife; 50 Cent calls out Floyd Mayweather for charity; Covino solves the source of the mysterious stain on his duvet cover; Hiding the truth from your woman or being honest when you do something wrong; Spot's zombie apocalypse theory regarding the ice bucket challenge; Lying about your age with online dating; Read More

Thursday, August 21, 2014

C&R Show 08/21/2014

[C&R Recap] Rich and Spot will be traveling a lot together and Rich is super hyper about planning things to have fun; Forcing the fun vs letting it happen; Viral videos to check out; Rich thinks Frozen is the biggest Disney movie ever; Favorite old-school TV shows; Songs and toys that we loved as kids; Babchik's big announcement; Rich's advice for young men about hooking up; Jon Bones Jones vs Tyson - who would win in their prime? Read More

C&R Show 08/20/2014

[C&R Recap] The guys not knowing anything about Spot's college life; Covino insulting listeners who participate in fantasy sports leagues; Booking hotels for the trip to Notre Dame; Spot not wanting Sean the Lawyer to come on the trip; 100 quotes to live by; Jeopardy before Alex Trebek; Celebrities impersonating comedians; 10 second song guy; Covino teaching Melody how to handle the bullies at school; The kid with abnormally large hands. Read More

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

C&R Show 08/19/2014: John Lithgow

[C&R Recap] Covino critizises Rich for his wardrobe; Losing something about yourself when you're in a relationship; John Lithgow stops by to promote his new movie; Don Pardo SNL introductions; Do age gaps matter between friends when you're an adult; Celebrity friendship dynamics changing when one becomes more famous; Johnny Manziel flipping off the Redskins' defensive line; Are college football players too soft when they enter the NFL; POA Tuesday; Covino's hatred towards fantasy football. Read More

Monday, August 18, 2014

C&R Show 08/18/2014: Emmanuelle Chriqui

[C&R Recap] Emmanuelle Chriqui stops by to talk about Cleaners Season 2; ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; Mo'Ne Davis' chances of playing in the MLB; Rich's worst dating scene story every; The "slut eye"; Plans heading out to Notre Dame; Covino, Layla & Melody's trip to Legoland; People not covering ailments up at public schools; Kids cutting in line at theme parks; Losing something about yourself because of your significant other. Read More

Friday, August 15, 2014

Stanley T Ice Cup Ambush

C&R Show 08/15/2014: Jason Statham; Dan Soder

Jason Statham stops by and talks Expendables 3 and his favorite action heroes; The Ice Cup Ambush takes place as Rich ambushed Stanley T on the Morning Mash Up and Stanley T gets Rich back on the show; Potentially gay TV character; Covino's almost 2nd hit playlist; Comedian Dan Soder talks about Robin Williams, other comedians and does hilarious impressions; Rich got caught in a YouTube loop and was watching Mike Tyson clips - most people don't realize what a beast he was in the ring; Updates on Ferguson shooting and what it may mean for the story. Read More

Thursday, August 14, 2014

C&R Show 08/14/2014

[C&R Recap] Covino's butt has destroyed the neighborhood plumbing; Rich changes his view on the ice bucket challenge; We want to start a new trend called the ice cup ambush; TSA Pre Check is the new rage but some people are against it; Shooting in Ferguson and the unrest in the town is big news; Friend in need - a guy caught his wife sexting her ex. Read More


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

C&R Show 08/13/2014: Matt Nathanson ft Gary Dell’Abate

[C&R Recap] Rich and Spot are hungover after a night of drinking with the new boss; The difference between Uber and Lyft; Covino screwing up the plumbing in his house and not trusting the repair men; The man makeup transformation rage; Stoner hits on Layla while family bikeriding; Intern Sam's 'Who Would You Rather?' street game; Matt Nathanson promoting his new single "Headphones." Read More

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

C&R Show 08/12/2014

[C&R Recap] Melody's first official day of school; Rich has been eating way too much; Death of Robin Williams upset so many people; Remembering some of Robin Williams' best films; Depression and suicide and how it affects more people than we realize; Porn star Christy Mack gets assaulted; Story of Covino's neighbor Ned caught on tape doing something at Covino's house. Read More

Monday, August 11, 2014

C&R Show 08/11/2014

[C&R Recap] Kids are going back to school already because of new schedules; Memories of going back to school and setting our schedules in college; Rich opens up about his brother missing his grandma's birthday; Best bird related texts from Covino & Spot; Spot's deep thought - how do you hold your hog when you pee? Jay-Z and Beyonce split rumors may be a PR stunt; Covino's birthday celebration with Layla and the hilarity at every turn. Read More


Saturday, August 9, 2014

C&R Show 08/08/2014

[C&R Recap] Covino is wearing his peanut butter knife shirt which leads to the tale of Tyrannosaurus Spot; Girls love the container store; Ice Bucket challenge is the new Facebook rage; Rich's drunken evening; Friend in need - one of Rich's friends is getting back together with a longtime girlfriend, but she's requesting he not hang out with one of his best girlfriends; Tomorrow is Covino's birthday so we provide him with a special birthday greeting; East Coast bucket list in case we head west; Covino is the foodie monster; Eating with younger people might make you fat. Read More

Thursday, August 7, 2014

C&R Show 08/07/2014: Babs & Scags

[C&R Recap] Covino introduces us to the most beautiful man in the world; Stanley T bloopers; Rich takes credit for something involving Chris Pratt; Spot's weird reaction to meeting celebrities he admires; Crusade to get Weird Al Yankovic as the Super Bowl half time show; The latest trend of the Anti-hero; Rich is sweating the new USA show Rush; Jerry Jones get heat for awkward photos; Babs & Scags pay C&R a visit. Read More

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

C&R Show 08/06/2014: Mark Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer

[C&R Recap] Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer stop by to talk F&B, Golf and waffle irons; Celebrities buying each other houses; Rich received a sign to go to Greece; Getting to the "bed on a plane" level; Rich is a FOMO - fear of missing out on things; Lays potato chip taste test; The new internet sensation "Apparently kid." Read More

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

C&R Show 08/05/2014

[C&R Recap] Covino's new hobby; Having a hobby or passion vs not caring about anything at all; Rich debates whether or not he should do a long weekend in Greece for a friends wedding - is the travel worth the short stay? Updates on recent C&R show stories; Things that make you go hmm - list of deep thoughts, we add our own deep thoughts. Read More

Monday, August 4, 2014

C&R Show 08/04/2014

[C&R Recap] Covino's pet peeve of men in power wearing shoes without socks, bathing suits and board shorts trends; Rich went to see Ed Kowalczyk this weekend - seeing bands vs just the lead singer; Trend of having kids later in life - what are the pros and cons; Rich's revelation about bone-in vs boneless wings; Cleaning out your home and closet instead of hoarding unnecessary items; NFL power rankings for the upcoming season; Sports updates. Read More

Saturday, August 2, 2014

C&R Show 08/01/2014

[C&R Recap] C&R randomness; Hidden images in company and brand logos; Joaquin Phoenix's forehead; The Facts of Life tribute; Movies to check out this weekend; C&R rumors of heading to the west coast - what will this mean for the show? Covino's dinner dilemma; Tuning out your woman; Rich is sweating the USA show Satisfaction (after spot suggested it). Read More

Friday, August 1, 2014

C&R Show 07/31/2014: Taylor Schilling; Mashup Nicole

[C&R Recap] Nicole from the Morning Mashup hacked our twitter so we try to cover her fake topics; Rich recognizes that the boxer Triple G is a beast in the ring but hilarious in interviews; Vin Diesel covers Sam Smith; Mystery sound of DMX and what he might be doing; Getting involved with charities; Taylor Schilling stops by to talk Orange is the New Black and landing her big role; MLB trades and updates; 5 most important jobs according to Charles Barkley. Read More