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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

C&R Show 12/31/2013 C&R's 2013 Celebrity Showcase Showdown

The best moments, funniest moments, and noteworthy moments of the guests that have stopped by the Covino & Rich studios in 2013. Hear from several of your favorite actors and actresses, athletes and musicians! Read More

Monday, December 30, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/30/2013: Road games

C&R discuss some of the rules and guidelines when attending a football game as a fan of the road team.

C&R on SNY 12/30/2013: Rex Ryan

C&R discuss the Jets decision to retain Rex Ryan as head coach next season after finishing strong against the Dolphins.

C&R Show 12/30/2013

Covino's weekend extravaganza in Virginia and DC; What are the different career aspirations by city and state; Try hards; Expecting certain service at restaurants; Covino's Asian haircut experience; People who say "when you have kids, you'll understand"; People who try new food. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/30/2013

Bleacher Report's Aaron Nagler recaps week 17 in the NFL and previews the playoffs, Barrett Sallee previews some of the upcoming College Bowl games, and Jared Zwerling recaps the current state of the NBA. Read More

Friday, December 27, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/27/2013: Rent out for SB

C&R discuss Giants rookie Cooper Taylor's decision to rent out his place for Super Bowl weekend.

C&R on SNY 12/27/2013: NFL playoffs

C&R discuss some of the NFL playoff scenarios before the final week of the regular season.

C&R Show 12/27/2013: Jose Mangin

How to give advice and help to your parents when they won't take it; Holding a grudge on behalf of someone else; Patti Stanger getting flack for comments on her show; Remembering random people our parents brought around when we were kids; Jose Mangin stops by to talk vaping and weed. Read More

Thursday, December 26, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/26/2013: New Year's Eve

C&R discuss how you should spend your New Year's Eve this year.

C&R on SNY 12/26/2013: Christmas games

C&R discuss whether we should feel bad for NBA players that had to play on Christmas.

C&R Show 12/26/2013

After Christmas recap; Spot is fat; Covino has too many toys and bought his dad a bird; Rich got a shirt he may have to wear on TV; Is DC really as corrupt as we see on TV shows and movies? Eliott Spitzer's ho ho ho; "Angels" who were there to confirm your point at the right moment; Comparing apartments and houses; Would you want the power to see EVERYONE naked? Read More

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

C&R Show 12/25/2013 C&R's Christmas Spectacular Spectacular

Moments from C&R past covering all things Christmas. Best Christmas Movies. Cracking the code of Christmas Songs. Real vs Fake trees. Pussification of Christmas. Best Christmas toys. Read More

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

C&R Show 12/24/2013 C&R's Most Joyous Moments

Hosted by Henry Winkler. Join "The Fonz" as he recaps some of the greatest and joyous moments in Covino & Rich History. From the first show, to the engagements, weddings, and even some unconventional joy courtesy of C&R. Read More

Monday, December 23, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/23/2013: Engagement Rings

C&R give tips on how to pick the right engagement ring, like the recently engaged Dwayne Wade.

C&R on SNY 12/23/2013: Rex Ryan

C&R discuss Jets' head coach Rex Ryan's job status and whether his final season push will keep him in New York.

C&R Show 12/23/2013

Covino's weekend recap; Getting charged per soda at restaurants; Restaurant servers that don't care anymore; Rich is sweating the show Scandal; Kerry Washington makes us feel some type of way; Story of Justine Sacco; Freedom of speech vs freedom of consequences on social media; Gift giving - pointless to give a gift just to give a gift; Sending letters and gifts after you die. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/23/2013

Bleacher Report's Aaron Nagler recaps the weekend in the NFL; Josh Martin gives us updates on NBA; Anita Marks recaps fantasy teams. Read More

Friday, December 20, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/20/2013: Winter Classic

C&R discuss whether playing sports outside in games like the Winter Classic adds more exciting to sports.

C&R on SNY 12/20/2013: Carlos Beltran

C&R discuss whether Carlos Beltran will be remembered most for his time at the Mets or his future Yankees career.

C&R Show 12/20/2013

Duck Dynasty gay controversy continues - who's to blame? Rich said something on the TV show that got him in trouble; Covino voted on X factor for Jeff Gutt; Wrong perception of skinny girls; Covino's struggle - dealing with his daughter's fish; Post game with the interns on their last day. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/20/2013

Today Nick Kostos on the NFL and Anita marks on fantasy! Read More

Breaking News! NEW Duck Dynasty video released.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/19/2013: Syd Wilder

C&R are joined by actress, comedienne and dating guru Syd Wilder to discuss relationships and dating etiquette.

C&R on SNY 12/19/2013: Smart players?

C&R iscuss whether professional athletes are smarter than many people think they are.

C&R Show 12/19/2013

Rich is using a new facial cleansing device; Covino's swoot bus tale of the bus driver and goofy gooferton; Friend in need - guy was clicking with a girl but she just wanted to be friends; More Stanley T bloopers; Nicole's random penis game; Living apart together is the new rage; Duck Dynasty controversy. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/19/2013

The guys talk about the NBA, MLB Hot Stove, and get you ready for Week 16 in the NFL with Will Carroll, Josh Zerkle, & Gabe Zaldivar. Read More

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/18/2013: Bald heads

C&R play "Guess that bald head" and try to identify people based on their bald heads.

C&R on SNY 12/18/2013: Man thoughts

C&R discuss some TV show college courses they would take like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld and Game of Thrones.

C&R Show 12/18/2013

Ratchet the intern talks about her experience with insanity; The guys talk about the dynamic between fitness and insecurity; We discuss a new viral video and how you love to hate it; We talk about Chaz Dean and his lion face; A celebrity's public claim that may have been homophobic. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/18/2013

Today Reese Waters on Kobe Bryant, Michael Schottey on the NFL and Jonathan Willis on the NHL! Read More

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/17/2013: NY Athletes

C&R discuss some of the most underrated athletes in New York -- like Chris Weidman and Nick Folk.

C&R Show 12/17/2013: Babs & Scags

Babs and Scags join us as we try to help Babchik with advice for his marriage; SNY Christmas party recap - Covino pulls an Irish Exit and C&R&Spot have it out again; Drunk girl after the SNY Christmas party; Covino's bus mom encounter. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/17/2013

The guys discuss Monday Night Football, MLB Hot Stove & college hoops with Bleacher Report experts Joel Cordes, Joe Giglio & CJ Moore. Read More

Monday, December 16, 2013

C&R 12/16/2013: Holiday parties

C&R discuss how much you can drink in front of your boss at office holiday parties and how to deal with the aftermath.

C&R on SNY 12/16/2013: Top scapegoats

C&R discuss the top five scapegoats that rival quarterback Tony Romo.

C&R Show 12/16/2013: Taran Killam

Spot's Christmas party recap; Covino's near death experience; Winning the lottery - would you give a lot of money to charity? Rich's dumb-othetical - if you could leave your past self a note with 5 words to change your life, what would those words be? SNL's Taran Killam talks how he got his part on SNL and his first date with his wife; How to shut up the drunk guy at the bar. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/16/2013

Aaron Nagler on the NFL, Michael Felder on the Heisman and Jeremy Botter on MMA. Read More

Friday, December 13, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/13/2013: Cano

C&R talk about whether Robinson Cano was disrespected by the Yankees during contract negotiations.

C&R on SNY 12/13/2013: Colon physical

C&R bring up several ideas on how to spice up Bartolo Colon's physical exam with the Mets.

C&R Show 12/13/2013

Recap of the SiriusXM office party and after party; Office dynamics inside and outside of work; Lyft app - having random people pick you up if you need a ride; SXM is being remodeled - updating your place every few years; Would you rent out your place for a big event for big money? Bunny Ranch death - real or fake emotion? Update on the missing guy story from earlier this week. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/13/2013

Today Anita Marks on Fantasy, Jared Zwerling on the NBA & Nick Kostos on the NFL. Read More

Thursday, December 12, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/12/2013: Wussification

C&R talk about how banning home base collisions is a sign of the "wussificiation" of baseball.

C&R on SNY 12/12/2013: Hunger Games

C&R talk about which New York City sports coach would win the Hunger Games.

C&R Show 12/12/2013

Swoot news stories; Viral video updates; Office holiday parties; Using today's technology in your current sex life; Taking dirty pictures on your phone when you're in a relationship; C&R came to a revelation that more people cheat than we realize - why? Hypotheticas. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/12/2013

The guys tackle all the top stories in sports - Mike Shanahan and MLB Hot Stove with Josh Zerkle, Gabe Zaldivar, & Will Carroll. Read More

#BRRadio Ping Pong

It's a heated ping pong battle between @mashuprich & @babchik on #BRRadio @ SiriusXM Studios

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/11/2013: College or Pro

C&R discuss whether there is more prestige coaching in the NFL or in college football.

C&R on SNY 12/11/2013: Jeter lifesaver

C&R discuss the story about Jeter bringing a man back to life with his charm.

C&R Show 12/11/2013

Feeling that type of way; Covino's Shah's of Sunset observation and dog parties; Rich's new show to check out; The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - for men or women? Is it wrong to set up an ex with someone? Friend in need - assume you're hooking up with a girl? Top 10 mistakes that derail and destroy your career. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/11/2013

Today Reese Waters, Matt Miller and Jonathan Willis. Read More

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/10/2013: Jason Kidd

Covino and Rich discuss Jason Kidd's reported rant against former assistant coach Lawrence Frank which eventually led to his demotion.

C&R on SNY 12/10/2013: Granderson

Covino and Rich discuss whether the Yankees or Mets have the best fans following Curtis Granderson's comments on Tuesday.

C&R Show 12/10/2013: Biz Markie

Biz Markie talks about his career and his popularity with a new generation; When you think everyone does the same thing you do; POA Tuesday - Facebook may add a sympathize button, tailgating banned at the Super Bowl, 6 year old suspended for kissing a girl on the cheek, guys talking like girls; Ugly Christmas sweaters; Rich is planning for Spot's party; Liquid Todd in studio; Doing errands as an intern; Article about how your exes still exist in your social media. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/10/2013

The guys recap MNF, MLB Hot Stove & the NBA with Bleacher Report experts Andrew Garda, Joel Cordes, Joe Giglio. Read More

Monday, December 9, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/09/2013: Mets Plan

Covino and Rich discuss whether the Mets can learn from the Yankees and take a similar approach in building a championship team.

C&R on SNY 12/09/2013: Snow Superbowl

Covino and Rich discuss whether fans should be excited about the possibility of there being snow during this year's Superbowl.

#DudesinYogaPants #covinoandrich @snytv

Don't gamble kids, or you too can end up in yoga pants. Don't gamble kids, or you too can end up in yoga pants #DudesinYogaPants #covinoandrich @snytv

C&R Show 12/09/2013

Etiquette for sneezing and blowing your nose during business meetings; Covino's rough weekend - driving to Long Island and taking Melody to see Santa in NYC; Top Jimmy's new cologne; Spot is a tyrant with his woman; Having a cutoff signal with your woman; Sharing money and bank accounts in relationships; New Rebecca Black video with her BFB's; Covino's Libyan van story; Social media means never breaking up. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/09/2013

Bleacher Report's Aaron nagler recaps an action packed weekend in NFL. MLB hot stove updates. Read More

Friday, December 6, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/06/2013: Cano to Seattle

Covino and Rich discuss Robinson Cano leaving the Yankees for the Seattle Mariners on a 10-Year $240 million deal.

C&R Show 12/06/2013

C&R would do a huge contract and be on ALL SXM channels; Twitter reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela; Covino discovers Garbage Art; Rich went to a street fair and thinks they're all the rage; Assigning good cop and bad cop in your relationship; Stealing jokes; Covino wants to be above the law and bring his wife to our Christmas party; Dealing with office parties where spouses aren't invited. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/06/2013

Discussing breaking news in the worlds of Soccer, NFL, and MLB with Will Tidey, Anita Marks, Joe Giglio, and Nick Kostos. Read More

Thursday, December 5, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/05/2013: Ewing's Face

Steve Covino and Rich Davis go to the streets and ask people if they would be attracted to someone with Patrick Ewing's face.

C&R on SNY 12/05/2013: Knicks/Nets

Covino and Rich discuss whether of the winner of tonight's match up between the Knicks and Nets will have any bragging rights.

C&R Show 12/05/2013

Spot calls out Rich for another example of claiming he discovered something and they go at it; Covino is a forgetful dad - tries to blame everyone for not reminding him to bring his daughter to SXM to see Santa; Have the past 30 years been the greatest advance in technology over other 30 year periods? New reality show that may involve our favorite things. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/05/2013

Bleacher Report's Josh Zerkle covers the 5 teams guaranteed to lose in the NFL this week; Josh Martin covers all the NBA action - including tonight's Knicks/Nets face off; Jason Catania covers the latest in MLB hot stove. Read More

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/04/2013: Jason Kidd

Covino and Rich discuss whether Nets head coach Jason Kidd regrets getting into coaching too early after Brooklyn's slow start.

C&R on SNY 12/04/2013 Ellsbury

Covino and Rich discuss whether the Yankees ended the Mets' chance to "take over New York" after signing Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury.

C&R Show 12/04/2013

Covino's family has a random house guest - what is house guest etiquette; GAP's new ad campaign; Celebrating occasions with your wife - do you go all out? Ideas for Rich's anniversary; Celebrities who blow all their money; States with the biggest and smallest junk; Best audio setups of today. Read More

Bleacher Report Radio 12/04/2013: Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello on the Covino & Rich Show Today Reese Waters on the NFL, Gabe Zaldivar on all things swagger and actor Joe Manganiello. Read More

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/03/2013 Fun Athletes

Covino and Rich discuss some of the most fun type of athletes to root for like scrappy QB's and fat UFC fighters.

C&R on SNY 12/03/2013: Katie Linendoll

Katie Linendoll joins Covino and Rich to show off some potential gifts and gadget ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

C&R Show 12/03/2013

Article that says momma's boys are more successful; The movie "Closer" and miserable breakups; POA - fit mom banned from Facebook for "fat shaming"; Covino rides the bus to fuel his rage; Email etiquette. Read More

Monday, December 2, 2013

C&R on SNY 12/02/2013: Fireman Ed

Rich confesses on Covino and Rich that he misses Fireman Ed at Jets' home games, and talks about if he is replaceable.

C&R on SNY 12/02/2013: NY vs NJ

Covino and Rich discuss the things that divide New York and New Jersey, causing an endless battle of epic proportions between the states.

12-02-2013 C&R Show

Amazon announced it would start local delivery by drone - what's next? Old Christmas songs and the origin of some Christmas traditions; Elf on the Shelf - is this a Christmas tradition we should start or does it complicate the story of Santa? Rich's movie experience; Rich's Wild Wednesday story; Observations and a proposition. Read More

12-02-2013 Bleacher Report Radio

Today Aaron Nagler on the NFL, Adam Kramer on College Football and Joel Cordes on the NBA. Read More