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Friday, February 26, 2016

C&R Show 02/26/2016

Fuller House is out today; Rich's night out in the scene and his need for social attention; Rich is a social butterfly that thrives on interaction with people; Covino's lame thought about his friend Barry - they've lost touch a bit so Covino wants to know who his new BFF is; Being friends with Covino; Having a little buddy friendship; Old luxury cars that our grandparents used to strive for in the 80s; GOP Debate recap - Rubio and Trump exchanged a lot of words; A candidate needs to step down for someone to beat Trump; RIP Tony Burton aka Duke from the Rocky franchise; Friend in need blitz - How much jerking off is too much, Sleeping in separate beds from your wife, Exchanging text mesages throughout the day, Boss bragging about cheating, Guy overheard his son's friend talk about hooking up with a teacher. Read More

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