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Friday, February 19, 2016

C&R Show 02/19/2016: Shaun White; Mike Tyson

Shaun White returns to the Covino & Rich Show Recap of our Thursday Night Live show with an amazing story you don't want to miss; Grooming the hair on your toes - is this something every guy should do? Shaun White In studio - his favorite accomplishments, having the right mindset going into competition, building his brand, making a name in the extreme sports world & his new look; Importance of a look; Spring training is underway already; GOP Town Hall recap - candidates saying their favorite music to appeal to an audience; The legendary Mike Tyson is in studio - discuss his reputation, Mike Tyson's Punch Out & leaving his legacy; Covino's mom thinks he's the greatest which speaks volumes about the type of guy he is - Covino believes he is the greatest; Rich's run-in with Glenn Gulia. Read More Boxing Legend Mike Tyson on the Covino & Rich Show

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