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Thursday, February 11, 2016

C&R Show 02/11/2016: Tori Kelly; Meghan Trainor; Carl Weathers

Tori Kelly with Covino & RichMeghan Trainor with Covino & Rich Amazing day at C&R; We introduce you to the new adventures of Mr Dinklebeans and all his misfortunes; Couple busted for having sex on a ferris wheel in Las Vegas; Rich feels dismissed by his long-time friend for not calling him since his friend's baby was born; Friendship maintenance; Singer Tori Kelly in studio talks her career, guitar playing and influences; Singer Meghan Trainor in studio talks about being up for a Grammy, her rise to fame and partaking in some green pleasures; Legendary actor Carl Weathers joins us in studio to breakdown his career, talk all things Rocky and his excitement about his new show Colony. Read MoreCarl Weathers with Covino & Rich

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