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Friday, July 3, 2015

C&R Show 07/02/2015: C&R Live from Phoenix, AZ

C&R are on day 6, as they commute cross country to LA; This stop was in Phoenix, AZ, where it was a scorching 118 degrees; Rich admitted that he could do a yearly live broadcast on the road - maybe not across the country though; They guys discussed the awkward moment when your friend and their significant other get into a spat while you're with them, and you don't know how to act; Covino isn't into taking selfies, nor willing to risk his manhood to ask for a photo with a celebrity; Rich brought up the new rage of how young kids lately have been in the news for being daredevils to capture selfies at historic locations; While taking more shots, drinking more beer, and having more mixed drinks, C&R made a special announcement regarding their first broadcast in LA on Monday...More to come. Read More

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