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Monday, November 9, 2015

C&R Show 11/09/2015

Telling the difference between the quality of different coffee, wines and liquors; First drunk experiences; Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live; Naming your kid; 5SOS being labeled a boy band; Bands you know the lyrics to all their songs; Documentary about old people and getting to know the old people in your neighborhood; Viral videos to check out; Bradley vs Rios fight; Former players gone commentators gone back in the game; Spot's erection for the new Coldplay; The Walking Dead recap; Shows where the kids aging freaked you out; Gwen Stefani's new song about Gavin Rossdale? Shows you want to catch up on but have to be in the right mindset; NFL weekend recap; 50 Cent gay rumors; Rich's comedy show this past weekend. Read More

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