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Friday, November 13, 2015

C&R Show 11/13/2015: Sarah Bolger; Judah Friedlander

Sarah Bolger on the Covino & Rich Show Rich is hanging in Texas for Wurstfest - things that are automatic when you start dating a new person; Passing notes in school and funny stories as a result; Moments in your life you laughed the hardest; Guns N Roses back together; Melody's new friendship song; Getting anxious when you have a lot to accomplish in a day; Stepping up your wardrobe as you get older; Into the Badlands' Sarah Bolger in studio; Judah Friedlander stops by to talk the standup world and his new drawings book; Covino and Layla's story telling experience; Voting for yourself in a competition. Read More Judah Friedlander returns to the Covino & Rich Show

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