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Saturday, September 5, 2015

C&R Show 09/04/2015: Ed Skrein

Ed Skrein on The Covino & Rich Show Labor Day weekend plans; Tips for meeting up with someone while in a long distance relationship; Ed Skrein talks his role in The Transporter Refueled and his untimely exit from Game of Thrones; That's SO Viral: Kermit the Frog in the news for his new thinner girlfriend - upsetting feminist groups; Why are people treating the Muppets like a real story? Viral clips - guy annoys his wife at Ikea, Guy tries to save his ribs, Monk broke his record for walking on water, Jenna Jameson's donk sorcery, Mexican guy with a 19 inch penis; New porn parodies to check out; Guy names his kid Robert Griffin after RGIII. Read More C&R have the real scoop. We definitely sensed a "rainbow connection" when @kermitthefrog & Walter stopped by #TheShow #justsayin

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