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Monday, September 12, 2016

C&R Show 09/12/2016: Jessie Graff

Morning routines; Rich snoozed and didn't shower; Covino has a spooky alarm; Rich was in Covino's dream; Covino didn't wash his car; Covino had family auditions; Triple G update; Fight night at Spot's - UFC 203; The guys watch Naked Attraction together; They were intrigued by the concept and discuss the flaws in that way of choosing a date; Rich mentions that the east coast is way more into football than the west coast; Covino doesn't like how football takes over your entire day on the east coast; Viral videos from the weekend; Carnival Cruise ship gets too close to a port and causes damage; Midget jumps into a lake with sound effect; Rich's deep thoughts; When you change the world and no one notices; Jessie Graff from American Ninja Warrior in studio. Read More

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