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Friday, September 9, 2016

C&R Show 09/09/2016: Edi Gathegi

Covino uses the cough drops in the first aid kit; Football is back; Broncos won last nights game; First video from the road trip is now online; Covino thinks that Monday Night Football is way bigger than Sunday Night Football; Rich thinks everyone has ESPN; Spot is tired of C&R not listening to him and being disrespectful; Martin Lawrence was a very subdued guest; C&R were surprised at his quiet demeanor; Rich doesn't have an on and off switch; How long do you stay on the phone when someone puts you on hold to take another call; Subject matter of music hasn't changed - it's just being said differently; Girls know how to pose for photos; Spot's sexy picture; Rich does a photo shoot with his wife; Edi Gathegi in studio promoting "StartUp" on Crackle. Read More

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