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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

C&R Show 01/27/2016

National Chocolate Cake Day on a hip hop hump day; Today is the 30th anniversary of the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl; Donald Trump makes a bold move against FOX news and Megyn Kelly; Voting for a candidate based on how they look ; Rich loves apple slicers; Covino is amazed by a video of a whale hologram - real or fake? Rich was distracted by a bubble butt at the gym; 2 types of guys - those who constantly are drawn to hot women and those who walk right by them; Camel toe insert to give the illusion of a camel toe; Guy dies in a car accident while looking at porn; Abe Vigoda passes away at 94 - Rich insists he's out of our generation; Top 10 guys with the most Baby's Mamas; Covino finally got his wife a thoughtful gift; Rich is inspired by Larry David and wants to become a writer; Rich wants to take acting classes and become a writer; Rapper's Delight hit the charts 38 years ago. Read More

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