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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

C&R Show 01/12/2016

Spot's feelings to be back in town; Sara gets her wisdom teeth pulled and Rich takes advantage of the situation; Rich's periscope hanging with Sara, his ex and a bachelor - why does he put himself in these situations? Covering up our porn tracks and our method for finding the best porn clips; College football national championships; POA of Ciara's dress? Is Hilary Clinton losing steam and does Bernie Sanders have a chance? Pussification of America - phrases being banned from college sports; Powerball is at 1.5 billion - should a portion automatically be given to charity? When you meet new couples do you have to be guarded sexually? Rich isn't impressed with comedy specials and wants to take on the comedy scene; Heather from Covino's high school calls in and talks about being the hot chick in school. Read More

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