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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

C&R Show 10/05/2016

Rich is in New York for the Mets game; Rich mentions how things have changed in just a year and a half; Rich takes an Uber Pool; Rich is back in his old boozing stomping grounds; Covino mentions that being in the old stomping grounds can take you back to the old sleazy singles day; Late Breaking News - Chipotle will now offer chorizo as a meat option; Rich forgot how much he hates public transportation; Rich's friend Rob was a really big kid - he was always bigger than everyone else; Rich doesn't understand why some people are bothered by him going to New York to watch the Mets; Framing - who makes up the frames in your home? Are there people you feel need to be in the photos or do you put photos of people from different chapters of your life? Covino thinks you frame family and people that should be remembered; Vice President Debate; Rich heard a song while in Hawaii called "Bad Girls Skankin." Read More

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