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Thursday, August 4, 2016

C&R Show 08/04/2016

Orlando Bloom vacations with Katy Perry and unleashes the hog; Hog Shadow goals; Sitting "Indian Style" is a thing of the past; Libertarian Town Hall with Gary Johnson and William Weld - might be a party that could make some waves in the upcoming election; Viral vids - Dennis Leary and James Corden rework a song and Tom Green takes on Trump; Status of the C&R forum vs the CARL Facebook page; D's out for Harambe; Friend in need - guy threatened by his wife's younger brother -w ants to know how to handle the situation; New pizza assembly restaurants; Spot with the news - no Trump intervention, Pokemon Go dog, Clint Eastwood regrets chair speech, sending the show to the moon, Steven Tyler/STP collaboration. Read More

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