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Friday, June 17, 2016

C&R Show 06/17/2016: Donald Faison

DBC 7 starts next week; Spot is losing his mind...and we're reaping all the benefitsssss; Covino's weirdness exposed; Covino finally admits he has his head up his butt; Meatloaf collapses on stage; NBA Finals - humble Lebron and the Cavs take Game 6; Steph Curry gets ejected from the game and throws his mouthguard at someone; Debate over whether it's a cool experience or disrespectful to get hit by Steph Curry's mouth guard; News alerts - alligator attack in Florida; New video surfaces from Orlando shootings; Donald Faison in studio talking about his favorite career moments, what he's best known for and how he stacks up against other game show hosts; Covino loves New Edition. Read More

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