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Friday, April 8, 2016

C&R Show 04/08/2016: Ben Falcone; Jeff Abraham

Ben Falcone on the Covino & Rich Show Covino is upset over his deez nutz joke falling flat with T.O.; "Dick scrap" guy is on the show today because of Rude Jude; Rich is reconsidering taking Jo Koy's offer to do comedy for horrible reasons; Covino was a grumpy Gustavo yesterday because he's reluctant to change anything in his life; Is Rich an angry drunk - he and Covino go at it over last night's Thursday Night Live; Director/Writer/Actor Ben Falcone in studio talking his new movie The Boss with wife Melissa McCarthy; 2 things that make Covino feel better - Snapchat filters and making fun of Rich; Mark in Colorado wants an update on Spot; American Idol series finale recap - cool moments from last night's show, Jeff Abraham - CEO of Promescent Spray which helps you last longer in the bedroom. Read More

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