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Saturday, June 27, 2015

C&R Show 06/26/2015: Last Show in NYC

Cleaning out the NY office ...Goodbye old Roladex from the 90's! #hoarder #memories #Loscalzo #KROCK #THESHOW #WestCoast! Last day in NYC before heading out on our road trip to LA; Farewells from listeners; Will Spot cheat when he's alone in LA? C&R's movers; Peeing in a cup or bottle while on the road; News alerts; Creepy story of the Westfield Watcher; Major C&R announcements - time and channel changes; Music synonomous with different parts of the country. Read MoreIn honor of our studio 5 departure, Rich shares the creepy stare he gave @hootsxo when they first met in studio #TheShow #behindthevelvetropeJust about done! Peace out @siriusxm NYC office! #WestCoast #TheShow #CRroadTrip

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