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Friday, January 2, 2015

C&R Show 01/01/2015: Best of Year 10 [2014]

C&R's Best of Year 10 (2014) - Join Covino, Rich & Spot as they take a look back of the 10th year of the Covino & Rich Show; Reminisce about the best, worst, and dumbest moments of the year, including Rich's side poofs, Covino's Hog Off, Tyrannosaurus Spot, our many travels around the country, our lame jokes, Covino's swoot house fire, the newest Ticklesack songs, our intern's adventures, the heated debated, Rich's Montauk scene, the Piolin Prank on Covino, Covino's chicken wire skills, Rich's vendetta against leftovers, the Pedo-meter rage, Spot's red door, DBC V, FOMO Rich, Rich being wasteful, the Ice Cup ambush, Covino's neighbor issues, Spot's LA Uber Challenge, Rich getting sent to the back of the line, Sexy fart girl, Covino's St Joseph's Statue, Rich loving Taylor Swift, our WhyHunger Thanksgiving, Rich and Sara's perverted delivery guy, Covino's hoarding tales & MUCH MORE! Read more

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